Tuneer announces a new era in promoting music online via its native ad formats

Say goodbye to tedious, lengthy, complicated ad creation and expensive advertising studios!  Exciting music start-up Tuneer is delighted to introduce their range of new native ad formats for promoting music online.  The announcement comes as the company continues to develop and expand the suite of self-serve tools they’ve been adding to their impressive platform over the past year.

Tuneer – Changing The Way We Promote Music  

There’s little doubt the Internet and modern technology has changed the way we produce and listen to music.  From production right through to distribution, the days of forced reliance on commercial studios, music producers and advertising agencies are gone.  Clever programs like Fruity Loops Studio, Ableton Live and Bandlab allow artists to create and produce their own music to commercial standards without leaving home.  Live streaming platforms such as Songtradr, Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud provide digital distribution services that get music out to the masses swiftly and effectively.  Artists can even design their own covers with graphics programs like Canva, thus doing away with expensive ad agencies.  

Then there’s Tuneer!  Tuneer is a music promotion start-up with one single mission, namely to make it (much) easier for music artists and independent music labels to get their products to market, and promote music online.  With a suite of advanced self-serve tools bar none, Tuneer now offers music artists and independent music labels simplified ad creation with music genre-based targeting options.  This significantly improves their ability to reach and promote music to the right fans.  

However, just launching an advertising campaign is only part of the process.  Unless the campaign is monitored and measured for effectiveness, it could end up being an expensive waste of time, effort and money.  Tuneer has solved this with tools that not only produce but also measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.  It’s an end-to-end solution that lets users market, promote and analyse their results conveniently and simply using just one platform.  That’s impressive!

Smart Linking Artists With Their Fans Through Smart Links For Music

Tuneer has been using smart link technology since 2018.  The platform currently hosts over 600 landing pages and smart links for music artists worldwide.  Smart Link, or SmartLink, is a very handy tool/app that allows users to generate a short url through which they can share a range of offers from selected outlets.  It does away with the need to generate separate links for each product and outlet.  For music artists and labels, it means sharing songs or a music album from a range of outlets in a single short link that can be posted on social media platforms.  It’s quick, easy, very useful for developing deeper relationships with audiences, and a highly effective way of promoting music.

The platform offers ad-powered free access to smart links, landing pages and analytics.  It’s a business model that allows Tuneer to offer targeted advertising by music genre and preferred streaming platform via small recommendations on landing pages.

Introducing Music Bot With Messenger And Push Notifications

Tuneer isn’t just making it easier for music lovers to shop online for music.  It’s also become a powerful platform for sharing great music with like-minded fans.  Introducing Music Bot, an app that does for music what Facebook and Twitter are trying to do with advertising.  Namely, getting people to share ads they ‘like’.  However, where most people are highly unlikely to share ads on social media, the same can’t be said for Music Bot.  Users of the app regularly show their appreciation for an artist or a song by sharing the ‘ad’ with friends.

Co-Marketing And Feedback Exchange Engine

Building an online community and using it to develop and create interest in a brand is a very effective and proven marketing technique.  Nike, Apple and most big brand names do it.  For music artists, one way to build and broaden a community like this is by combining audiences with other like-minded artists and co-promoting music together.  

Not surprisingly, Tuneer has an app to help with this too!  Their recently released free music promotion web application helps artists take advantage of co-marketing on social media to build their brand.  It also incorporates a feedback exchange through which artists can offer advice and assistance to other members of the community.

Tuneer also offers paid placements as part of its album promotion services.  The service helps artists get plays faster, attract more followers and collect dozens of constructive feedback messages.  

Superior Music Promotion Analytics

Tuneer has made a number of analytical metrics available to their members via an intuitive dashboard.  Artists can keep track of advertising spend, check their remaining campaign duration, and know how many impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and saves they’ve received.

This is certainly an impressive addition to an already impressive platform and one Tuneer believes will help music artists and independent labels market their music more effectively.

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