Types of keywords Used in SEO

A keyword is a phrase that people used to search on web to find out the solution or information of their queries. You can discover by researching which terms are used the most when searching online.

Why Keywords Matters in SEO?

Every business or blogs owners want traffic to their website. If you publish content without any keyword that people are searching then you site will never be visible to the visitors. So, your website will be useless, despite publishing content regularly.

One more important uses of keywords are for link building. A keyword is called as anchor when it refers link to another site. If you have a “dog’s food” related product page then a backlink from “dogs food” related anchor can boost your pages ranking. Though excessive using of this may be harmful to your blog. I will discuss about this thing later. 

Types of keywords Used in SEO:

Different type of keywords is used in SEO. Here I will mention the maximum types that are used the most.

A.      Types of Targeting Keywords:

Targeting keywords are used for industries, offerings and eCommerce purpose. Below are the types of targeting keywords:

Market Segment Keywords:

These are keywords used by audience when they are searching for any information about any brand or industry related.

Ex. Winter Clothes

Keywords Defined by Customer:

This is a type of market segment keywords but it is used for a specific class of customers.

Ex. Winter Clothes for kids

Product related keywords:

These types of phrases are searched with specific brands.

Ex. Adidas winter clothes.

Geo Targeted Keywords:

Geo targeted keyword indicates a location inside it.

Ex. Salon near me.

B.      Types of keywords by Lengths:

Depending on lengths keywords are classified into 3 types.

i.  Short tail keyword:

Generally, these are one- or two-words keywords. It has always high volume of search and keyword difficulty is high for these keywords as it is very tuff to rank for.

Ex: – keyword research

ii. Mid- Tail keywords:

Generally, this type of keyword consists two or three terms. It has a medium search volume with a less keyword difficulty than short tail keyword.

Ex: – Best men’s underwear.

iii. Long Tail Keywords:

There are several words in a long tail keywords. It has a small search volume and less keyword difficulties.

Ex. Complete guide on keyword Research

C.      Types of On-site Keyword:

This type of keyword generally used to create on page posts or a landing page. There are two types of on-site keywords.

1. Primary Keywords:

Primary keyword is the main term around the whole page is build. You need to select a primary keyword when writing an article or page. The Primary keyword inform the search engine or the users about the page type. It is very important for ranking a page.

Keyword: men’s running shoes

2. LSI Keywords:

Latent semantic keywords are the related or synonyms of your primary keyword. In every page many LSI keywords are used with a primary targeted keyword. It helps search engines to get better understanding about your page.

Ex. Let, your primary keyword is SEO tools, then the LSI keywords should be like this, best SEO tools, free SEO tools, most used SEO tools, etc.

D.     Types of Google Ads Keywords:

Three types of keywords are used in Google Ads.

Broad match keywords:

Board match keywords used in Ads which tells Google to display your ads when someone searches relevant keywords or other variations.

Ex.  Pant is a broad match keyword and it will be displayed when searching about best pants, track pants, men’s suit.

Phrase Match Keyword:

It is used in Ads and it indicates Google to show your ads when someone search the phrase that must contain the phrase match keyword.

Ex. A phrase match keyword Dog Food should be displayed when someone search anything that contains the phrase like Best dog food, buy dog food.

Exact Match Keyword:

It is used in Ads and it tells Google to show the Ads when someone search the exact keyword that you have targeted.

Ex. An example of exact keyword is running shoe that should be displayed when search running shoe or shoe running or any preposition used in it.

Endnote: –

Finding best keywords is one of the most important activities for your website. If you don’t have any idea on keyword research then you can look for a reputed SEO agency. The best way to find out the reputed local agency from the Google search and reding the reviews. Use your location in the search terms like best SEO agency in Melbourne to get all the local agencies in the 1st page of the search result. Read the reviews and select the best among them.

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