User Friendly Tech Attracts Growing iGaming Fanbase

iGaming is growing in popularity because of an industry approach that ensures all games are user friendly and employ modern tech. Below you will find an incredibly easy to follow guide that explains why online video slots are so popular today. It is the perfect guide for beginners that want to learn about slots, but also for those that don’t want to play video slots yet you are wondering what all the fuss is about!

Pooled Progressive Jackpot Tech

Thanks to online slots technology, progressive jackpots can reach into the millions. This is because a progressive jackpot slot that is online can be available for multiple online slot sites. On top of this, multiple slots can all be pooled together to connect to the same video slot. Tale Age of the Gods from Playtech which has over 16 different video slot titles connected to the same jackpot.

Adding to this, multiple online casino brands connect to the Playtech Age of the Gods jackpot network. Each of those casinos may have 10,000 members. Now imagine 100 slot sites connecting to Age of the Gods. That’s 1,000 x 100 = 100,000 players with access to the same slot. And every bet the player makes, 5% of that stake goes into the progressive jackpot pool which is exactly why online progressive jackpot slots get so large!

You will find that there is a vast variety of online slots brands pooled technology such as Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, iSoftBet, and more!

Classic Slots Vs Modern Slot Tech

The biggest difference between modern online slots technology and the traditional type of slot machines a.k.a. classic slots is the number of symbols, combinations and reels on the slot. On classic slot machines, there are usually only three or four reels and 5 or 6 symbols. On the other hand, the modern 5 reels video slots have 5 reels, while Megaways slots have 6 reels, and they have bonus rounds included such as interactive pick me bonuses, wheels of fortune with multipliers, huge progressive jackpots, and/or free spins bonus games.

Online Tech Means No Standing in Line

One of the differences between online slots technology and regular gambling is that you do not have to stand in line to wait to play your favourite slot titles. At land-based casinos or slot shops, you may have to wait because someone is already playing on the slot you want to play. Thanks to online technology, anyone that wants to access a video slot at an online casino can do so on-demand and without queuing. You can stay in the comfort of your home and play all day without anyone bothering you. You also do not have to deal with annoying crowds of people that try to rush past you.

Online Slots vs Land-Based RTP Tech

One of the reasons why online slots technology is superior to land-based casinos slots is that there is a low house advantage for online slots. And to figure this out, it only takes some basic casino maths.

For example, with land-based casinos, the RTP (Return to Player) on most of the slots is around 85% on average. With online slot games, the average is more like a 96% RTP. In other words, a land-based casino has an average house edge of 15% which is high because the casino is limited by locations. It can only attract foot traffic walking into the casino, which are people in the area. Conversely, an online casino’s house edge is only about 4% on average, and they can afford to do this because online slots are not limited by location – anyone can play online slots from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Play At Home or While on the Move Via Mobile Slot Tech

Another advantage that online gamblers have is the fact that they do not have to leave their homes just to enjoy their favourite casino games. Mobile slots technology has brought about a change in the way that online gamblers can now maximise the amount of money that they can win in online casinos. With progressive slots jackpot amounts increasing every minute, online gamblers now have more opportunities to win big amounts of money. This has also made mobile slots a favourite among online gamblers.

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