Valorant Ultimate Characters Tier List

Valorant is an up and coming game that took the Gaming Community by storm! Stylized as VALORANT, this is a free-to-play hero shooter game, both developed and published by Riot Games. It is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game released exclusively for Microsoft Windows (PC). Initially the title was teased under the codename “Project A” back in October 2019 and the game began its closed beta period with limited access beginning on April 7th, 2020. Valorant was then released officially for players on June 2nd, 2020. The development of the game started way back in 2014.

     Valorant is like a hybrid of COD and Overwatch, with playable characters capable of utilizing a wide array of Pistols and guns as well as different abilities, both supernatural and technological in nature. The playable characters in Valorant are simply termed as Agents. Half of them possess supernatural abilities, commonly known as Radiants. These are a select group of gifted individuals who gained hypernatural abilities as a result of the First Light event. The other half of Agents are normal human beings in possession of advanced technology, gear, equipment, technical skills and expertise. This calls for a Valorant Character Tier List or a Valorant Tier List and guides!

     From the currently existing array of playable Agents of any Valorant Tier List, each of them fall under the category of what they offer to the battle; Duelists who excel in straight forward combat, Controllers who can level the Battle field, Initiators who are great at starting the onslaught and Sentinels who are adept at providing Defence, Utility and Information. In short, there is a character for every type of player in VALORANT, so below is a Valorant Tier List for the Best Valorant Characters as of now.

Starting off this Top Tier List is the Duelist hot pick of every rank within Valorant, Jett.

  • Jett is a Radiant duelist hailing from South Korea, real name Joon-Hee.
  • Riot has nerfed her time and time again.
  • Regardless, she protects her place at the very top of the Valorant Character Tier Lists for being such a great duelist.
  • She is the most mobile Agent in the game, the fastest one at that, capable of handling the Operator in a way no other Agent can.
  • Jett’s utility is very limited, but her fragging ability has no equal so far!
  • This is the ideal Agent for those who are aggressive and love fast gameplay.

Second on the list is Breach, you will be flashed for days!

  • Hailing from Sweden, Breach does not possess orthordox powers.
  • Instead he uses his mechanized arms to unleash flashes, dazing attacks, quakes and damaging blasts on unfortunate foes.
  • He is one of Valorant’s most well-rounded, more adept at setting up a field more than fragging itself.
  • Be it bursting through enemy lines or taking a site for the team, Breach is your man.
  • He can disrupt the battlefield in the blink of an eye, especially when the right information is available.
  • Map control is his unique art and it’s never a bad idea to have a Breach on your side as a prominent Agent in any Valorant Tier List, he is a great Valorant Support.
  • This is the best agent for impulsive players who dare to run straight into enemy territory without a worry!

Viper received a huge buff in patch 2.07, so now she is so strong!

  • Sabine hails from the United States and uses her Toxic technology in battle to poison her enemies.
  • Viper is such a worthy adversary to face and a reliable ally to have in Valorant as it stands.
  • Her new arsenal allows her to retrieve her Poison Cloud smokes, inflict an initial tick of 50 Decay damage to foes when walking through her Toxins and easily shred her enemies.
  • It is practically impossible to fight her inside her Ultimate now.
  • If you wish to be able to lock down a whole site by yourself, there’s no better pick than Viper within Valorant Tier Lists, an ideal Valorant Support now.
  • She is ideal for calmer players, who rely more on precision and placement to turn the tide in their favour.

Now we have come to the ever explosive Raze, in more ways than one!

  • Izzy hails from Brazil and is an absolute fragging machine!
  • Her entire arsenal of explosives do a lot of damage to foes and is a Duelist, if any in Valorant Tier Lists.
  • Her abilities will ensure that the enemies are on edge, anticipating a bomb to be dropped on them at any time.
  • Her Boom Bot for essential intel which also deals a killer blow upon contact, her Blast Packs to boost her to new heights that give her a vertical advantage, her cluster grenades are fast and deadly and her ultimate is a killer bazooka.
  • What more is there to say?
  • She will frag in the most colorful way possible.
  • Raze is ideal for impulsive duelists who love to crash the party and leave a vivid trail behind!

Sova hails from Russia and can fire arrows straight through the heart!

  • Sova is currently the best Agent for information gathering in the game right now.
  • Intel-gathering is his forte, added to that is decent kill potential as well.
  • Though he is the character given to players in the tutorial, he is probably the most complex character too.
  • Once mastered, he rewards you well because he can do so much and it will be well worth the effort.
  • Mastering lineups is essential for a Sova main, be it for the Sonar or Shock Darts.
  • The ladies man offers a diverse approach for intel gathering using his Sonar and Owl Drone.
  • That Drone will save lives and even the whole round, don’t underestimate it.
  • In any Valorant Tier List, his trigonometry based complexity is the only reason he isn’t a hot pick.
  • But in the end, as long as you are getting the info your team needs, it doesn’t matter what lineups you use or how you use them, thus it’s more about his ability as a Valorant Support.
  • Sova too is ideal for more tactical players, who make the best of subtle details like sounds, instantaneous visuals and landscapes.

Now it is time to give the Bastion of China centre stage, Sage is on the case!

  • Sage, a Radiant, was probably the most brokenly strong Agent when the game first released.
  • She was a must-have on every single team and in all Valorant Tier Lists.
  • Thus she was nerfed to the ground in the patches.
  • But she is still so valid!
  • Sage is the main healer of Valorant, even after Skye’s release.
  • Even with all those nerfs, Sage can use her Signature ability to heal upto 60 HP for herself or allies.
  • It heals over time but it is an instantaneous cast and refreshes over time too.
  • Her Slow Orbs cover less area now but are still vicious, foes can barely move atop it.
  • Her Ultimate is a Resurrection that brings back allies at Full Health and her Wall is one of the most creatively utilized abilities of the game.
  • Players can use it to boost themselves atop of structures, positioning themselves or allies in orthordox locations and angles, handy for fragging, peeking and intel gathering.
  • Sage is suited best for Valorant Support oriented players who are calm, patient and selfless.
  • This, however, does not mean she is a weak fragger.
  • When played aggressively she is deadly and self sustaining!

Omen will now teleport right into the list. The Radiant Shadow Hunter is the biggest enigma in the game…..

  • Omen got nerfed as well and a lot of bugs the players abused associated with him got fixed.
  • Still, Omen is one of the best, if not best Controllers in the game as far as Agent Lists go.
  • His eerie global presence and pressure, his proficient smokes and tactical teleporting ability, his blinds and flexible mobility in the game, makes him ideal in both Attack and Defence.
  • The utility he brings to the table is always welcome and his smokes are very reliable as well, so he always appears in any Valorant Tier List.
  • If you love a truly unique play style coupled with fearsome utility, then Omen is your wild card.

Eight is a strange number to end on but the final pick is the new Radiant Agent Astra.

  • Astra has so much potential to change the game but she is not as a hot pick as she should be in Agent Lists.
  • Her kit is just filled with utility that lets her practically become an all-in-one controller.
  • Smokes, stuns, gravity wells and a huge screen that blocks damage and sound as an Ultimate, she has got it all!
  • Once again though, complexity hits hard, and the fact that she is so vulnerable when making use of her abilities discourages players and downgrades her in Valorant Tier Lists.
  • While in the Astral Form, she cannot fight and it’s not instantaneous either.
  • Her kit also calls for a lot of team coordination.
  • People are still getting used to her, so hopefully in due time Astra will start shining as the true star she is!
  • If you are one with the maps, knowing what kind of trap would work best in each specific location, Astra is your gal!

Now that the Valorant Character Tier List is out of the way, a bit about the rest.

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“We are Valorant, we are fighters!”

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