VanceAI Photo Restorer Review: Old Photo Restoration with AI Technology

Old photo restoration is perhaps one of the most complex tasks to pull off in photo editing. Even if you are an expert in photo editing and know how to do old photo restoration, it still takes enough time for you to delay other work. Also, in order to bring old photos back to life, professionals typically go for sophisticated software applications such as Photoshop. However, with AI making huge improvements in its algorithms for image processing, you can instead go for an AI old photo restoration application instead. In this VanceAI Photo Restorer review, we will be introducing you to the AI old photo restoration tool, see how it works, and look at examples and results given by the application.

Why choose an AI Photo Restorer?

As touched upon in the previous section, old photo restoration is a complex task. Not only is it something you have to learn how to do but it is also time-consuming since old damaged photos are usually filled with tiny damage marks all over that need to be addressed. If marketers or business owners wouldn’t have the expertise to run the software applications by themselves, they’d need to hire someone to do it for them. In fact, there are popular online platforms such as Phowd that work exactly like that. They ask users to upload the damaged photo and ask them to hire someone from the website. This solves the expertise issue but costs money.

With, you can eliminate both issues. When you’re using VanceAI, you simply have to upload an image and wait. The application has AI and Machine Learning algorithms in place that make sure your image is automatically fixed. Essentially, you can remove scratches from old photos online without actually doing anything. Photo restoration online is also something that keeps improving with time. Considering VanceAI, it keeps upgrading their current tools, including the Photo Restorer, and introduces wholly new image editing tools as well. All of this makes photo restoration really accessible and users can do a variety of tasks relating to photo editing by themselves without it affecting their workflow.

How to Restore Old Photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

In this part of the VanceAI Photo Restorer review, we will go through the simple steps of how to use AI old photo restoration  tool to enhance old photos online.

Step 1: Make use of the link given above to access the tool online. The webpage will have sample images and features of the tool explained. Click on Upload Image button to open up the Workspace where you’ll upload images.

Step 2: You can use the upload box to upload images on VanceAI Restorer Workspace. Other than that, you can also manage settings on the right, check image credits, and more. Use the Start to Process button to prompt the photo restorer to start the old photo restoration.

Step 3: After a few seconds of processing, you will see the result image appear on the right or on the Processed tab. You can then use the Download Image option to save the image on your device.

Old Photos Restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer

We will now review a few examples that are repaired and enhanced by VanceAI Photo Restorer.

1. Old Portrait Restored

This is an old portrait that not only has damage spots but also a lot of image noise. After the old photo restoration process, the image is much clearer and looks pretty new considering all the details. While complex images like these may take some time for the photo restorer to process, it nonetheless offers a good result and still takes less time than other alternatives. It could improve further when it comes to the damage lines, however. It can reduce the line significantly but a trace of it remains anyway.

2. Old Portrait Enhanced

Similar to the previous example, this is a portrait that has damage marks as well as image noise deterring its overall quality. By processing this image through the VanceAI Photo Restorer, you can manage to clear pretty much all of it. While the After image still appears low quality, you can fix that too. After doing the old photo restoration, you can run the image through the AI Image Enhancer from VanceAI to improve image quality.

3. Old Photo Restoration

The old photo restoration tool is pretty accurate and manages to repair old images with on-point results. Considering this example as well, the portrait looks brand new after processing it through the photo restorer. The old image has a bunch of damage spots present all over the picture, which the photo restorer removes within seconds. The tool is also pretty good at face enhancement, as we can see from all the examples discussed so far.


You can restore old photos with relative ease when you’re using the VanceAI and you don’t even need to know photo editing at all. The AI design is meant to be accessible for everyone. Other than that, you can get pretty good results anyway. VanceAI is a growing platform for image editing and so you can always find newer updates to existing tools to make them better, including the photo restorer. You can create a VanceAI account for free and start using the free credits as well. If you want to buy a subscription, you can start with a plan for as little as $5.94 per month with 100 image credits offered.

Additional Choices from VanceAI

Coming back to the 2nd example image in this Photo Restorer review, the image was low quality by default even though the photo restorer managed to get rid of damage spots. So, in such cases, you can make use of VanceAI Image Enhancer in order to improve image quality without needing to upscale it. Similarly, you can also make use of VanceAI Photo Colorizer if you want to colorize your old black and white images. You can do old photo restoration first and then colorize it in order to make your photos look even more modern. 

Free Alternative to VanceAI

If you want to try out an alternative of VanceAI Photo Restorer before subscribing to it, you can try out This online platform is free to use and offers good results. The difference here is that the free alternative doesn’t have the kind of inner features that the original VanceAI old photo restoration provides.

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