Virat Kohli Net Worth and Business

Virat Kohli, Professionally Virat is a Professional cricketer of India. Born and brought up in the Uttam Nagar, place in New Delhi, born on November 5, 1988. Age 32 years old. Virat Kohli or King Kohli or Run Machine is a Right-handed batsman who plays at number three position for the Indian cricket team. And along with he is also the captain of the Indian Cricket team who surpassed M. S. Dhoni to become a captain. 

Business owned by the Virat Kohli

1. Wrogn

Wrogn is an Indian clothing luxury brand that was founded in the year 2014 by Anjana Reddy and in the same year, Virat Kohli becomes the brand ambassador and co-owner of that company. Wrong is the collection of a wide range of t-shirts and denim jackets, which you can purchase from Flipkart and Myntra. 

And according to the Business Insider news the sale of Myntra becomes twice while big sale which will also increase in the sale of Virat Kohli’s brand. According to Financial Express news, along with Virat Kohli, his IPL teammate less good friend AB De Villiers is also the brand ambassador of Wrogn. According to a site in 2017, his estimated earning value was calculated from Wrogn is approx. 100 crores. And 2018, onwards Wrogn becomes the Brand sponsor of Virat Kohli’s franchise team Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

2. Nueva

Nueva is a South American-based restaurant in the capital of the country, New Delhi. Virat makes this bold move by opening this in the year 2018, in May month. Virat Kohli used to visit his restaurant regularly whenever he stays in New Delhi, he used to visit with his wife, Anushka Sharma. 

And Virat also used to visit with his friends several times and along with all of these he also goes for lunch with his RCB teammates, whenever a match happens in Delhi’s venue. 

3. Sport Convo

Sport convo is a tech-based startup, in which Virat invested along with Gareth Bale (a football player) and Vishal Patel (Entrepreneur). Sports convo is a platform where every type of sports fan can meet and talk to each other about every sport.

Along with Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane has endorsed this tech-based brand.

4. FC Goa, Bangalore Yodhas, and UAE Royals

Virat Kohli is not just fond of only cricket he also loves to play football which you can see sometimes while match practice he used to play football with teammates. Because of having an interest in football he has invested in the FC Goa team in Indian Super League (ISL). Along with football he also Tennis team named UAE Royals along with the legend of Tennis Roger Federer. 

And Kohli also owns a stake in Bengaluru Yodhas which is a Wrestling-based team. 

5. Stepathlon Kids

According to Financial Express news Virat Kohli owns an average part of Stepathlon Kids along with the CEO of the company Ravi Krishna and Bunty Sajdeh. Stepathlon is an online-based community that is deeply made for those kids whose age is between eight to twelve, and this platform help kids to stay healthy, eat healthily, and stay and eat positive. 

Virat Kohli’s Match Salary

If you don’t know then let me tell you that Virat Kohli is the Grade A player of the Indian cricket team and as per BCCI rules Grade A player gets INR 1.25 Crores ($190,000) yearly. And Virat’s fees per match is, for a single test match he gets INR 5 lakh, for a single ODI match he gets INR 3 lakh, and for a single T20I he gets INR 1.50 lakhs per match. And the bonus of INR 5 Crores is also included.

Virat Kohli’s IPL Salary over the year

In the year 2008, the world’s biggest cricket league starts and in the year 2008, franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore purchased Virat Kohli for INR 12 Lakhs. For three consecutive years, Virat Kohli gets a salary of INR 12 Lakhs. Then in the year 2011, in the mega auction, Royal Challengers Bangalore retains him for INR 8.28 Crores, and for 2011, 2012, and 2013 he gets the salary of INR 8.28 Crores.

Then once again mega auction happens in the year 2014, mega auction happens and RCB once again retains him for INR 12.5 Crores and till 2017, he gets INR 12.5 Crores then from 2018 to till he gets the salary of INR 17 Crores, which is the highest of any player in IPL.

YearTeamSalary Received in INR
2008Royal Challengers Bangalore12 Lakh
2009Royal Challengers Bangalore12 Lakh
2010Royal Challengers Bangalore12 Lakh
2011Royal Challengers Bangalore8.2 Crores
2012Royal Challengers Bangalore8.28 Crores
2013Royal Challengers Bangalore8.28 Crores
2014Royal Challengers Bangalore12.5 Crores
2015Royal Challengers Bangalore12.5 Crores
2016Royal Challengers Bangalore12.5 Crores
2017Royal Challengers Bangalore12.5 Crores
2018Royal Challengers Bangalore17 Crores
2019Royal Challengers Bangalore17 Crores
2020Royal Challengers Bangalore17 Crores

Virat Kohli’s Income via Endorsements

From various endorsement projects and advertisements, Virat Kohli earns a huge amount of more than INR 17 Crores. Kohli charge approx. INR 2 Crores for one day shoot along with the former legendry captain of Indian team M.S. Dhoni. 

And approx. INR 3 Crores for one day shoot along with the god of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar. Some of the brands which were endorsed by Virat Kohli are MRF, Tissot, Puma, AUDI, BSF, Boost Drink, Nike, Red Chief Shoes, TVs, Pepsi, FastTrack, and many more and among these, he is the brand ambassador of many brands including Audi. 

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