Virtual Activities to Try during Lockdown

The ongoing pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors and opened up opportunities for remote and virtual work and play.

For families and friends who wish to do something together while sitting safe in their own homes, here are a few virtual activities to try.

Play a Party Game

A party game is something that two or more people can play on the internet. It can run on a smartphone, a web browser or a computer and allows individuals to play as if they’re sitting right next to each other.

Party games are fun and add a social aspect to virtual activities. If you’re looking to make money then you can try KINGMAKER, an exciting casino game online.

Host a Netflix Party

Nowadays everyone has a Netflix account for watching movies and TV shows. Rather than risking a gathering you can just set up a Netflix party using a nifty Chrome extension.

The extension syncs the show so everyone is on the same page, and there’s a chat function so you can talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Virtual Exercise Class

Video calling makes for virtually unlimited opportunities, and you can gain some health benefits by hosting or joining an exercise class.

You can choose the type of exercise, from yoga to stationary bikes or even a dance class. It’s not just limited to friends- you can sign up and meet new ones along the way.

Arts and Crafts

You can replace arts and crafts with any hobby you want as long as it’s on Zoom or any popular video calling platform.

Again, the point is to hold a virtual activity on the web so you can spend time with your family or friends and do something together. You can paint, draw or complete a jigsaw puzzle as an example. There are limitless options and time is your only restriction.

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