VLATACOM and Vladimir Cizelj Help Governments Improve ICT Security

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and his institute called VLATACOM have patented many innovative ICT security solutions that brought many benefits to different spheres of both private and business life, as well as the entire government sector.

In an effort to keep the most sensitive data and personal information safe and secure, adopting a multifaceted security approach is of crucial importance for every government institution.

Vladimir Cizelj has long recognized this need and has been working on some of the most reliable ICT security systems ever built.  

Why is ICT security Important for Governments?

The public sector handles the most sensitive and confidential information that, if breached, can seriously harm national security. In fact, this type of data is the most vulnerable when it comes to various cyber threats and malicious attacks. Denial-of-service attacks, cryptojacking, ransomware, and cyber bots are just the tip of the iceberg for governments – hackers are constantly searching for new and improved methods for stealing classified information.

As federal and local governments are faced with cyber attacks on a daily basis, proper ICT security implementation should become an essential part of a national cybersecurity strategy. If governments want to have a fighting chance against ever-growing cybersecurity risks, they need a strong defense strategy supported by a well-developed, reliable, effective, and fraudproof ICT security system.  

Such a system needs to ensure that the information is safely stored, organized, accessed, and exchanged at all times. Critical data should be closely monitored and cyber hygiene should be a top priority of every organization. Only by adopting a highly-effective security infrastructure solution will federal organizations and civilian agencies be able to respond to different security challenges.

How can VLATACOM help?

VLATACOM Institute, whose founder is Vladimir Cizelj, is a renowned technical research and development institute located in Serbia. This institute is dedicated to the development of the most advanced security systems and solutions, including the ones used in information and communications technology. Their systems help organizations keep their critical information secure, as they are designed to protect against data loss and data misuse, control data exchange, and provide a safe communication channel.

There are many bespoke security solutions developed by Vladimir Cizelj and his team that consists of well-known professors, prominent industry experts, and talented PhD students. One of such solutions is the famous Vlatacom’s National Crypto Center (NCC). NCC is a core solution that should be included in every national cybersecurity strategy. It enables digital identification, privilege management, authentication, and secure machine to machine communication.  

In addition, VLATACOM is known for other highly-efficient devices and systems, including Vlatacom’s True Random Number Generator (vTRNG), Vlatacom’s Key Distribution System (vKDD), and Vlatacom’s Reliable Communication Channel (vREBECCA). vTRNG is a random cryptographic key generator used for state-level random cryptographic key generation. Furthermore, vKDD uses tamper-proof encrypted memory and multi-factor authentication to handle sensitive data distribution, whereas vREBECCA is an encryption device and communication platform used to create a secure communication channel.

The story of VLATACOM and its founder Vladimir Cizelj     

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur, is a man who has been dedicated to science and technology ever since he was in school. After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Belgrade, Serbia, Cizelj enrolled in Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, the United States of America and earned his Master’s degree in Business and Administration.

Vladimir Cizelj’s first job was at the Serbian Institute of Nuclear Sciences called “Vinča”, where he was in charge of scientific research and development of special devices and systems of national importance. After receiving both professional and academic recognition, Cizelj decided it’s time to start his own company that will focus on developing information and communication technologies that empower socio-economic growth.

That’s how VLATACOM came to life. Established in 1997, VLATACOM quickly grew and it wasn’t long before it got accredited as the first privately owned technical research and development institute in Serbia. Today, this institute is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the field of ICT and various security systems and solutions, well-known for its biometric identification solutions, smart city solutions, traffic control and management, border control systems, etc.

To conclude

Malicious attacks are becoming more common with each passing day and keeping confidential information and important civilian data secure and well-protected is a challenge that many governments face.

However, there are certain ICT security systems, like the ones developed by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM, that can help governments respond to these challenges successfully. Once they become part of a national cybersecurity strategy, they will create a multifaceted layer of security that becomes impossible to penetrate.

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