Ways to Boost Your Wifi Signal

A weak wi-fi signal equals frequent disconnects, slow loading and overall clunky internet experience.

Here are 4 ways to boost your wifi signal without upgrading your router or internet speed.

Eliminate Freeloaders

A wi-fi network without a password equals a lot of freeloaders who use your internet connection. The more devices connected to a wifi the bigger the load and thus, your router will struggle.

To fix this problem, add a password and forcibly remove devices that you don’t know by accessing your router’s dashboard.

Switch the Channel

Did you know your wi-fi will have a set channel or frequency, and that too many wifi’s on the same channel leads to congestion and a weaker signal.

Your router will usually pick the best channel automatically, but you can change it by going to your router’s dashboard or app.

Move Your Router

If you want to enjoy a game of Baccarat SSGame350 without getting disconnected then you’ll have to reposition your router to a more conducive area.

Routers broadcast wifi signals similar to radiowaves, and the greater the antenna space the better. Walls, low ceilings and other electronics can disrupt the signal, so if you’re having trouble then it may be a matter of moving the router.

Check Your Current Speed

Your ISP may be bogged down, or there could be a service interruption in your area. To get an idea if your internet is running as it should, conduct a speedtest to see where your wifi stands.

The quickest way to check your speed is to go to and tap or click on ‘run test’.

Connect to 2.4GHz

You could be connected to the 5GHz network, which offers a more stable network at a shorter range. 2.4 GHz, on the other hand offers longer range at a slower speed.

You can change this by going to your smartphone and choosing the 2.4 GHz option instead of the 5G one.

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