Ways to Get Quick Cash Online

All of us can use some quick cash, whether it’s for paying the bills, for food and clothing or other essentials.

Today’s technology now gives us access to just about any service we need online, including fast cash. Here are a few ways on how you can do so:

Sell Your Old Phones and Gadgets

Have an ancient iPad, iPod Touch or mp3 player cluttering up your garage or drawer? You can opt to trade in or exchange them for cash via online platforms such as Gazelle, Swappa or the Amazon trade-in program.

Some of the things you can sell for cash include TVs, laptops, game consoles, phones, books, DVDs, games and more. Depending on the item you can easily make up to a hundred with the free service.

Take Out a Loan

Yes, it’s certainly possible to get rapid cash by signing up for an online loan. The mechanics are simple and you wouldn’t have to wait to get approved.

Fill up a short form at then enter the amount of money you need. Wait for the results and the funds to be deposited to your bank account of choice. This is better than traditional loans since they’re more convenient and require less paperwork.

Rent a Room

You can make quick cash by renting a spare room on Airbnb. Sign up for an account and list your room so vacationers, travelers and businessmen will know that they can rent one of your rooms. You can gauge how much income you’ll get with the site’s income estimator.

Sell What You Don’t Need

Clean up clutter and make some money with this method. All you need is some time to rifle through your things and determining which ones you want to sell. Depending on the goods, you can sell on Amazon, Etsy, eBay or Craigslist and turn those items into cash.

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