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What are Botanical Extracts and Where to Buy Them

The numbers showed the market size of global botanical ingredients was $131.5 in 2019, and the market was expected to grow and expand by 7% each year in the period between 2020 and 2027. The driving force that moves the growth of this market is the ever-growing need or interest in health and safety. When it comes to living a healthy life, natural ingredients prove to be essential, and this is where botanical extracts step in. As raw materials, botanical extracts are vital in preserving the idea of natural products with great efficacy. But, what are extracts, and how to obtain them? Read below to find out.

What are Botanical Extracts?

The botanical extract is a concentrated plant material that provides therapeutic properties. Natural extracts have been around for centuries and have been used as active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. These extracts derive from roots, leaves, berries, bark, flowers, or stems of different plants. 

To mention that, botanical extracts from Initial Naturals, an expert in providing natural products, are pollution-free and natural. When you want to imbue your products with a specific plant’s beneficial properties in a concentrated and effective way, Initial Naturals’ natural herbal extracts are the best choices.

How are Botanical Extracts Made?

Botanical extracts are made by extracting the compounds through solvent extraction methods. In other words, they are made by soaking the specific plant or botanical source in the liquid. This liquid is able to obtain certain compounds and ingredients from the plant. These compounds are often called active ingredients, and they are “responsible” for the potential benefits of a specific plant, such as beetroot or cinnamon. 

What are Botanical Extracts used For?

Botanical extracts are quite versatile, which explains their popularity and ever-growing demand. Since these extracts are active ingredients or compounds, they hold the health potential of a specific plant. The following are the main applications:

● Antioxidants in the cosmetic and skincare industry

● Used for antimicrobial and antibacterial effects in skincare

● Nutritional support for better health and wellbeing in dietary supplements

Botanical Extracts FAQ

It is acknowledged that botanical extracts bring tremendous benefits to people and have wide applications. However, people still have some questions about botanical extracts. The followings are some main questions toward botanical extracts. 

✔     Are Botanical Extracts Beneficial to the Skin?

Botanical extracts are, indeed, beneficial to the skin. The secret is in their high potency and outstanding antioxidant potential. In this way, they nourish the skin, neutralize free radicals, and may prevent oxidative stress and damage they would cause. Botanical extracts are beneficial to the skin because they deliver compounds our skin needs for proper health, and the specific compounds depend on the extract you choose.

✔     Are Botanical Extracts Safe to Use?

Since botanical extracts are natural ingredients, they are considered safe for use. The safety of a botanical extract also depends on the company that makes them. That’s why you should always buy your botanical extracts from reputable and reliable sources. And Initial Naturals, which provides natural and safe botanical extracts, is the best one you can trust.

✔     Are Botanical Extracts Natural?

Yes, they are! Botanical extracts are naturally derived and obtained from plants. They deliver the specific, powerful, or active compounds the plant provides. If you are a fan of natural living, then botanical extracts fit into your lifestyle perfectly. 

✔     Do Botanical Extracts Expire?

Alcohol-based botanical extracts retain their potency for three to five years on average. Botanical extracts aren’t subjected to microbial degradation when adequately made, meaning they don’t have a short shelf-life. But, they do not last forever, although they are potent for several years. 

Where to Buy Botanical Extracts? 

As mentioned above, the safety and effectiveness of extracts depend a lot on the botanical extract manufacturer. For that reason, you n extract froeed to make sure to buy yourm trusted sources. The best place to buy botanical extract is Initial Naturals. 

Initial Naturals is a nutraceuticals manufacturer with an extensive selection of ingredients, and their extracts are high-quality and natural. The best thing about this brand you can’t ignore is that they provide a wide selection of extracts in the form of botanical powder, more than any other place. 

So regardless of the exact botanical extract you want, you can find it at Initial Naturals. The whole process of buying your extracts is easy, and customer service is always ready to assist with everything you need. Each extract page on our website contains information about the benefits, shelf-life, appearance, parts used, and more.


Botanical extracts allow us to get the best from nature. However, to get the most merits, you need to buy your botanical extracts from trusted sources. Always opt for the manufacturer or retailer that is trusted by thousands of other customers. 

Initial Naturals is always dedicated to providing the best products and satisfying services to customers. Not only that, but they guarantee you affordable prices. The prosperity of their products has shown Initial Naturals’ capable ability. And you will get a one-stop solution from Initial Naturals with various kinds of products. Thus, if you are enthusiastic about their products, please come and contact them now!

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