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What Are Radiations Health Risks and Appropriate Protection?

Do you know the air we breathe in & the food (i.e., irradiated milk, potatoes, & onions) we eat are the sources of radiations? Even the building material in our houses & the appliances we use emit radiations-although they are not so harmful but a permanent part of daily life. But when it comes to the radiations emitted from energetic sources, they can be energetic enough to damage the cell, tissues, & even cause cancer.

To define the term radiations exactly is a bit tough because it is extensive & includes light, air, radio waves. They are also called ionizing radiations because they can pass through any object & ionize (electrically charge) it. Note that we cannot see any of these types of radiations. They are detected only through measuring instruments. So never know when you are at risk.

Health Risks Of Radiation Exposure

We are exposed to radiation in two ways: external exposure or we intake them in various forms. There exist three types of radiations, alpha, beta, & gamma from which gamma are the most harmful one.

Long term exposure to high levels such as an atomic blast, working at a radiology department, or using radiation technology to carry out various functions can cause skin burns & radiation sickness. It also leads to cancer, lung failure, brain dis-functioning, and cardiovascular diseases. Some of the minor problems include dehydration, bleeding nose, hair loss, sore skin, & bruising.

What shouldn’t you opt for in case of a gamma explosion?

When it comes to the most hazardous radiations, gamma and neutrons come forward. So if there happens to be any gamma explosion, you should opt for protecting wearers or gamma suits. A gamma suit is equivalent to 13.8ft of water, or 1.3ft of lead which means it is heavy-duty protection & radiations cannot merely pass through it. But the suit is usually very heavy, more than 100lbs, which is enough to limit the mobility of a person which makes these suits an impractical approach.

Gamma shields are also used for protection against gamma radiations, but they do not provide the needed protection. The problem is to carry the shield for the mobile people or the rescuers who are working to protect the victims of the explosion.

StemRad’s vests are the best solution for radiation protection, they cover 11% of the total body’s weight & goes around the pelvic area which contains 50% of the bone marrow, which is quite enough to keep you alive an active no matter if you lose some portion of it due to radiation exposure. Cancer & radiation expert Dr Nelson Chao from Duke University verified that Stemrad’s are perfect for saving the bone marrow & allowing for reconstitution in case any of the cells are lost which make StemRad’s vests the ideal go-to choice.

 General Radiation Protection Guideline

A radiation emergency involves the release of a significant amount of harmful radiations in the result of an accident. It is told the people working at a radiology centre, nuclear power plant, and radiations laboratories to stay cautious 24/7. They are asked to wear protective bodysuits as well. Here are a few things that an ordinary person should do if there happens to be any radiation accident;

  1. Get inside any building and shut all the doors and windows. Stay there until the safe call or at least for 24 hours.
  2. If there happen to be any situations like this, stay well-informed of what is going on through social media or TV or radio.
  3. Always keep an emergency kit at home.

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