What Can Be Purchased With Cryptocurrency

Crypto assets are widely used for trading and investment. Due to their high volatility, it is possible to gain a profit and make a living, providing that you know how the pitfalls of investment and trading. It is not similar to playing casino – trading requires deep knowledge and experience, as well as a cool head and strict strategy. 

Why so many people become interested in this field? The thing is that cryptocurrencies receive wide adoption worldwide, emerging in various life fields. In this article, we will see what can you buy with cryptocurrency and what assets are the most common.

What Can I Buy With Cryptocurrency?

When you look for some goods or services, check out if they accept crypto as means of payment. Here is the list of what is available for crypto:

  • Online stores. Many online shops allow settlements in crypto. 
  • Buy a cup of coffee or fast food.
  • Movie tickets.
  • Real estate objects. Many construction companies accept crypto payments.
  • Educational materials, online classes, lectures, etc. There are some credible educational platforms running on a blockchain.
  • Buy some expensive property like a yacht.
  • Book hotel accommodation or apartment.
  • Travel tour packages
  • Buy a domain or pay for a cloud service.
  • Flowers.
  • Etc.

The list of goods and services available for crypto payment is expanding as the market grows. It will take some time until we all get used to crypto settlements, and it will become something usual for us.

Now let’s see what crypto assets are the most common for payments for goods and services. Of course, the most popular are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Every shop or company sets its own list of crypto available. 

To buy something with digital assets, you should pick this option in a product’s description and proceed with a payment – transfer the needed coins to the specified address. When buying goods with crypto, don’t forget about the fees. 

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