What features to include in the iOS-based mobile application for a startup?

Every startup business needs to launch a mobile application, both from Android phones and iPhones. Even though both these application development procedures are different and challenging, iOS app development requires more expertise and experience. Apple is no joke, and their specially designed mobile-based Operating System is full of advanced features. Moreover, iOS technology is rapidly developing, and hence, for choosing the best healthcare mobile app development, you will have to be more careful.

However, that’s easier said than done, especially when you are not aware of how you can better the mobile application for boosting your startup business. Be it a transit company or a vast chain of hotels. You will need to develop an iOS application so that the iPhone users can also fall under your targeted audience. This becomes difficult when you have different ideas on your mind and can’t choose the best ones from the list.

Considering this reason, here we have tried to explain the best iOS mobile app development tips that will most certainly help you create the best platform for all the iPhone users.

Identifying the audience and knowing about their preferences

The first thing you need to do is choose the right audience for the mobile app. Since it’s an iOS-based application, you will include the iPhone users. However, sometimes, even android users can use iOS applications if the codes are written for the hybrid platform. For such cases, your choice of audience will affect the business success great;y. Apart from this, you also need to know what users like and dislike. Check for the features which have become obsolete and avoid them, including in your application design. Go with a structure which iOS app development company market prefers in the present day.

Choosing proper features for the application

No matter what iOS app development company you are choosing, you will decide to include the application’s design features. Make sure that the qualities you are choosing are of the top-level and complement your business. You wouldn’t need a property which won’t justify your business. For example, the service features of the application should be on par with what your company provides. So, make sure to know more about the trending iOS application features and then make the decision.

The application should be user-friendly.

One of the main facts you have to look into is the complexity of the application. When you target your audience, it will include everyone, like ordinary people, tech-savvy users, teenagers who know nothing much about iOS technology etc. This is why, after choosing the iOS app development company, make sure you are coming up with an application which will have the modern features and yet the complexity level is standard. All in all, you need to create an application that will live up to the market’s expectations and offer user-friendliness.

Keep the banners and advertisements limited.

Usually, mobile users prefer an uninterrupted platform. But, sometimes, for the success of your startup business, you might have to include advertisements and banner pop-ups. Since it is a necessary evil, you need to include them. However, an experienced iOS app development company will know the frequency of such pop-ups and how long they should last. Ensure both the banner pop-ups and the advertisements come with a “skip” option or don’t stay for a long time. Also, ensure that the development company will include the minimum number of such pop-ups.

Customized application structure is a modern feature.

Since we are talking about the iOS mobile applications, make sure that the iOS app development company is designing and developing a platform that will comply with all Apple’s OS rules and regulations. The application must be based on the coded format suitable for iOS, and also, it should have adequate security profiles to match iPhone’s standards. Apart from this, you also have to keep the memory management, server location, downtime, and deployment management on mind while developing the iOS-based mobile application for your startup business.

It should be SEO friendly.

Applications drive a tremendous amount of traffic to online businesses. So, suppose you want your online business to get positive SERP results. In that case, you need to ensure that the iOS app development company puts more effort into making the design SEO compliant and friendly. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to gain enough market reputation, which might prove to be a disaster for your business. Follow the recent SEO trends for mobile applications and come with a design which will include such trendy features.

Do not overcrowd the purpose of the application.

Sometimes, startup businesses make an application which serves different purposes at the same time. This will make the codes and design complicated and increase the response time of the app. Considering that you don’t need both these complications, you will need to specify your needs to the iOS app development company to build an application that will serve only one purpose. This will reduce the response time and also make the app user-friendly with improved user-interface. There will be no confusion amongst the end-users which will, in turn, earn you praise.

Always check the new updates for iOS.

As we have said earlier, Apple always put new codes and updates in iOS to make sure that the platform is up-to-date and at par with the market’s technological trends. So, when you will hire the iOS app development company, make sure they know what the current updates are in the OS and can develop the applications based on those new features. If that’s not the case, your application will suffer from redundancy which won’t be a good factor for your business.


Several ways are there in which you can develop the best application for your startup business. But, only a few of them are useful and deliver results. So, when hiring an iOS app development company, make sure you are aware of what you need to do to make the best of the best application for the end-users.

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