What Happens If I Am Denied By Workers’ Compensation Or An Insurance Company?

Most employers offer worker’s compensation to their employees. This compensation helps in case an employee faces injury or accident at the workplace. The insurance covers are offered as per the regular industry protocol. If you have faced an injury at the workplace but are not offered the needed compensation, you still have options available. You can file an appeal in court. Going down the legal path will need you to get in touch with Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys.

Before you file a case, it is important to know about the different steps you can take if the worker’s compensation is denied.

Why does worker’s compensation get denied?

Different reasons can lead to the denial of worker’s compensation. Some of these reasons can be:

  • If the injury was not reported to the employee on time
  • If the claim was not filed in a timely manner
  • If your employer has disputed your claim
  • If the injury caused to you is not compensable
  • If there is insufficient evidence that shows that the injury is work-related.

Thus, when your compensation is denied, the first thing you need to know is getting the reason behind the denial. You can know the reason for denial by checking the denial letter. You can also be denied for not fulfilling the eligibility criteria for getting injured while you’re away from work. In case you believe that the denial was because of any error, you have the option to appeal.

How to appeal for worker’s compensation denial?

When you receive the denial letter, you will get complete details about the deadline for filing your appeal. Different states have different rules regarding the deadline for appeal. Thus, try to follow the rules as determined by your concerned state. Before you appeal, you can also try to meet your employer to know if the dispute can be resolved amicably. Sometimes clerical errors can also lead to denial.

If you are serious about the appeal, you need to know that it is a complex legal process. Thus, you will need the help of Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys to get details about the legal process. The appeal process differs from one state to another, but it needs to be handled by an experienced attorney. There can be multiple levels of appeal.

Under the process, you may be required to bring all documents like medical records that show the reason for the denial. The timesheet of your employer can show that you were working or not at the time of injury. Before appealing, it is important to get details about the appeal procedure in your state.

Get professional help

Making an appeal against the decision of your employer and getting compensation can be a challenging task. Thus, you need to look for professional help. Try to contact an experienced attorney who has the needed experience of working in this area. Let us know if you want to know additional details.

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