What is 8K Resolution?

If you think that 4K is the absolute highest resolution nowadays, you’d be wrong. Technology has kept up the pace, and now we’re seeing glimpses of 5,6 and even 8K resolution.

Naturally, you’d be wondering- is 8K better than 4K? What’s the difference between them?

Would you be able to watch 8K on your current device? Also, where can I legally watch 8k movies online?

What is 8K?

8K resolution began in 2019 but the term has become somewhat common in 2021. Now, TV manufacturers are boasting 8K TVs with premium price tags.

Since it’s the highest resolution to date, the picture quality should have no competition. It has 4 times more pixels compared to 4K at a 7,680 by 4,320 and roughly 33 million counts.

8K has so tiny pixels that you can barely see them in a 65 inch TV. The reason why tech experts call it 8K is because there are eight thousand pixels wide. It’s also referred to as Ultra HD 8K.

Is More Pixels Better?

It’s easy to say that the more the better, but does it apply to 8K resolution?

The short answer is yes. In hindsight, a full HD 1,080p resolution will provide an image of around 2MPs, while 4K will give you an image of 8MPs maximum. 8K is roughly 33MPs, or megapixels which should give you an idea of its image quality.

It’s worthy to note that you’ll need HDMI 2.1, a relatively new technology in order to experience true 8K pictures on game consoles and Blu-ray players. 8K games are not yet made so HDMI 2.1 scales it to the highest possible resolution, which is 4K at 120Hz.

Like 4K, 8K is currently going through its infancy stage, which means there are only a few devices that can handle the output. However, the future is bright and there are already a handful of TV manufacturers and companies who are investing in it.

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