What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Software Automation


Bitcoin is fast becoming a relevant digital asset in the world today and trading this form of currency has evolved over the past few years. The advancement in technology has also played a huge role in how bitcoins are used all over the world. A 2018 review shows how our perception towards money is changing and how technology is influencing non-bitcoins users to adopt bitcoins as online payment.

This evolution of technology has brought about bitcoin software automation, which has made it easier than ever to trade bitcoins. A common automated trading tool is the Bitcoin Revolution that was created in 2017 and claims to win 88% of trades today as specified in

The software is designed to make buying and selling of bitcoins easy for you due to the automated process. It is great for anyone with little or no knowledge of bitcoin trading and it gives users excellent returns for their money.

How to Start Trading

1. Set Up Your Digital Wallet

The first step is to set up your digital wallet where the bitcoins are stored, as bitcoins don’t exist in any physical shape or form. The wallet must have a strong password to protect it against internet fraud. For a transaction to take place, you need a combination of your private key and the recipient’s public key. You can also create a bitcoin shared wallet that is accessible by two or more people with at least one of them being able to authorize a transaction.

2. Submit Your Personal Documents

The documents required depend on the type of wallet and most platforms would require you to verify yourself. This could include vital documents such as your social security number and driver’s license.

3. Choose the Right Bitcoin Trader

Getting the right bitcoin trader is one of the most important first steps. Things to consider before choosing one includes where the exchange is located, how the bitcoins can be purchased, exchange fees, fully transparent exchanges, security, anonymity, and how soon you can get your bitcoin after purchase.

4. Select Your Payment Method

There are various payment methods based on the wallet you use but you must have a payment solution linked to your account before you can start trading. Most sites allow bank transfers, credit or debit card payment, and PayPal, among others. It is best to set this up before you consider buying bitcoins

5. Buy Bitcoin at an Exchange

Buy your bitcoin from an exchange and store them in your wallet. You would get all the information you need from the bitcoin marketplaces or exchanges, including the number of bitcoins you can get with a particular amount of money.


Bitcoin Software Automation has made trading bitcoin easier for everyone and has helped shape the experience for many users. You can set your account to Auto Trade and let the Bitcoin trading algorithm take over and invest your funds while you wait for results. With this software, you don’t have to be an expert to trade and get results.

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