What’s in store for online gaming in the year ahead?

2021 brings a new year and new possibilities for the gaming industry.

What’s in store for online casinos and games? Here are a few predictions.

VR Instead of Static Displays

Virtual reality headsets are primed to become the next display of choice. And why not? It’s the perfect medium for online games, particularly casino SAGAMING350.

Imagine sitting down in a virtual casino and playing your favorite card game or slots. Turn and you’ll see other fellow players or the dealer. It’s much more immersive than just staring at a computer screen or your mobile phone.

The good news is that VR is evolving to the point where HD headsets are affordable and there’s more connectivity and support than ever.

Bitcoin as Payment Method

Online casinos have already made great strides in offering various payment methods, so why not cryptocurrency?

Neteller, PayPal and even local money transfer platforms are being accepted, and Bitcoin and its ilk are next. More and more people will be pushing for it to become possible since it’s a legitimate form of investment and digital asset.

eSports Surpasses Traditional Sports

Spectator niche is growing in spurts and bounds, with Twitch and YouTube garnering the most views. It’s easy to see the appeal of it- you watch people play the games you’re interested in without having to invest in hardware or time.

eSports is already huge the past few years, but it’s set to become greater with the ongoing pandemic. The landscape is exciting, and more and more games are seeing the spotlight which means there’s a possibility of a new eSport tournament to draw fans.

Better Graphics

Casino games are becoming more realistic. Before, live casino games were not possible but now it’s available on most popular titles.

There’s no ceiling when it comes to graphics. The better-looking a game the higher the enjoyment.

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