When Are You Not Eligible For a Car Accident Compensation

Car accidents can be hectic and frustrating. They are sudden unfortunate events that take place out of nowhere. Although you might have sought medical attention after the car accident, the emotional trauma caused by the accident can still prevail.

Despite getting treated for the injuries, you can also seek compensation for all the losses incurred from the accident with an insurance company. Therefore, if you are trying to get compensation for the injuries caused, getting in touch with a Houston car accident attorney is crucial since he will provide effective legal advice.

Seeking insurance claims with the help of an attorney is beneficial, but you should also know that the insurance company will not accept the insurance claim proposal easily. There are some eligibility criteria that a person should comply with for no denial on the insurance claim.

Eligibility Criteria for a Car Accident Claim:

1. No Driving License

A person driving a four-wheeler on the roads is expected to carry his driver’s license so that it can be considered evidence for him to be legally eligible to drive a vehicle. Similarly, suppose a person meets with a car accident and seeks an insurance claim for compensation when he does not have a driving license to produce. In that case, the claim will be rejected immediately.

2. Drunken Driving

A person under the influence of alcohol is not entertained to drive by law. In case if someone drunk drives and gets into a car accident and seeks compensation for the losses incurred via an insurance claim, then the insurance company will deny the proposal since the driver was drunk when the accident took place. Hence, you may not be eligible if it was a drunk driving case.

3. Fraudulent Claim

You are expected to be authentic with the details and the statements about the accident that you deliver in the insurance claim because an insurance company will look for accuracy, and no false statements will be entertained. Hence, if you had tried to commit fraud, then you may not be eligible.

Therefore, you have to comply with the eligibility criteria laid down by the insurance company. If not, the insurance claim may get rejected immediately. Only an attorney can provide lawful advice on improving your claim with an effective proposal letter.

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