Which Language Should You Prefer for iOS App Development?

Without any doubt, mobile apps have become a must for all online businesses. Hence, iOS application development is something that is worth investing your money in. You may be looking to create your own iOS application, but thinking about which programming language you should use. You are on the right track. Before building an iOS app, you should decide which programming language you should code in. Not every programming language is created equally, and the outcomes you receive are determined by the framework that you select. So, let us take a look at the available programming languages for iOS app development for app development companies:

Objective C

Objective C is the extension of programming language C and it has similar properties as well. Invented in 1984, Objective C has now become a general purpose language that is still compatible with iOS and Mac OS. It was the main iOS coding and programming language before Swift. It gives you many insights in the way in which technical aspects of programming works. Since Objective C is the superset of the C programming language, it offers dynamic runtime and object-oriented capabilities. 

Objective-C also inherits the flow control statements, primitive types, and syntax of C and adds a syntax to define methods and classes. It adds language-level support as well for object literals and object graph management while offering dynamic binding and typing, deferring various responsibilities until runtime.


Swift is the top programming language for creating iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iPadOS solutions. Developed in 2014 by Apple as Objective-C’s successor, Swift is created to work with different frameworks like Cocoa touch, Cocoa, and extensive codebases that are in Objective-C. Thus, it has become the preferred language that helps shape iOS app development future.

Swift is a popular, general-purpose coding language used to create advanced-quality native apps for iOS specifically. Its main pros are interoperability, scalability, fast, and open-source development. Swift iOS app development also offers data security when it comes to development. This modern programming language offer modern features like safety, dynamic, extensibility, and binding. All the app development companies Vancouver prefer Swift for its bright future ,complete support of Apple, and best prospects.


Made as a response to Java by Microsoft, C# is a popular, object-oriented, high-level, and general-purpose programming language. It is known to be among the most coveted languages and it stands like Microsoft app development just like Objective-C for Apple. C# is also considered to be the most versatile programming language globally.

When it comes to advantages, C# is a well-known open-source language that makes iOS app development simpler for intermediate to top-level developers. Furthermore, it has a large talent pool, provides a rich library, offer better integration and cost-benefit, and supports cross-platform application development. It comes with some downsides as well such as a bad platform GUI and is considered hard to learn for newbies.


It is a comprehensive application Software Development Kit that includes ready-to-use tools and widgets. Created in 2015 by Google, it was officially launched in 2017. It lets developers create cross-platform applications, offering a simple way to create visually attractive and natively-complied applications using a single codebase. 

It has become the top pick for developers because it helps create iOS apps easily and quickly. Flutter is a cost-effective programming language that promotes quicker app development.


Being an iOS application development language, application developers used HTML5 in combination with CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid apps offer outstanding browser control and utilize the combination (CSS and HTML5) to render pages. Its main benefits include outstanding cost-effectiveness, multi-platform support, offline browsing, consistency across various browsers, and it enables a great page ranking.

But, HTML5 has some cons too, like it works for development of hybrid apps only, can cause issues with design responsiveness, and has limited functionalities.

React Native

Introduced by Facebook in 2015, React Native is another cross-platform framework. Presently, it is among the most famous cross-platform tools. React Native uses JavaScript to build native applications, enabling developers to create apps using web technologies. React Native programming language is used by most top brands like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. So, rest assured knowing that this is a worth solution.


Java is another class-based, general-purpose, and object-oriented programming language. Its major benefit is that its code does not require recompilation to work on any platform. It is used by more than 9 million programmers globally. It is not only famous for iOS app development. It has made its place in the Android app development industry as well. Due to its wide Flexibility, Java can be used to create cross-platform apps.

The Verdict

Considering all the important factors, we can conclude that the best programming language is Swift for iOS. Swift is the coding language that suits the bills of developing loyalty-worthy apps perfectly. Most businesses select Swift over other programming languages for iOS due to its consciousness and intuitiveness in building native applications that are the most positive factors working in its favour. Moreover, Swift was created to be quicker than the previously available languages like Objective-C. It is a better option even on the safety and security front.

Many iOS languages can rank above Swift given their range of benefits. But that also is based on your specific priorities. For a cross-platform development it can be C# or for a hybrid app, it can be HTML5. However, when it comes to Apple products, Swift tops the charts. So, if you are looking for iOS development services, you should choose a reliable iOS development company that can assist you in the project.

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