Which Social Media Platforms are Best to Grow Your Business?

Are you on social media? What kind of content do you see or read on social media? Have you ever observed that you see similar kinds of content on social media that you like and share? If you are on a social media platform, there are millions or even billions, for some specific social media platforms, like you. But if you are not present on any social media platform, you are missing a lot of interesting content and some very vital business opportunities. You can’t afford to miss out on social media if you are aiming to grow your business.

But in this digital age, there are several social media platforms out there. And many people or business owners get confused while choosing any social media for their business. However, using a single social media platform will not be enough to grow your business. Thus, here we have listed some of the most used and effective social media platforms for businesses. But before everything else, you first need to know why and how social media platforms are effective for business.

How Effective are Social Media Platforms effective?

If you are sitting in a public place, just look around. You will observe that most of the individuals are busy either on their phones or laptops. And the majority of these individuals, especially those using smartphones, are surfing or scrolling on any kind of social media platform. People consider social media the most effective and common way of communicating and interacting with their friends and family, and even with those they don’t know.

But social media has also become usable for businesses as they allow them to find new ideas or trends growing among the majority. It allows them to bring the attention of their target audience towards their brand and work. It allows them to connect with their existing and even new audience more effectively and personally. And business owners also use social media to build, craft, and grow their brand.

But the majority of social media platforms keep updating their algorithms which further changes the usability of their tools for marketing purposes. And sometimes, the updates also add new tools. Hence, as a business owner, you have to be aware of the perfect tools on social media for business.

Now let’s see which are the best social media platforms to grow your business:


This is one of those rare social media platforms which are specifically dedicated to growing networks and businesses. There are more than 500 million active users on this platform. But what has been observed is that most LinkedIn users do use this social media platform effectively. However, the majority of users only become active on this profile when they are searching for jobs or work.

But LinkedIn comes in handy when you are not looking for a job opportunity. The primary feature of LinkedIn is growing your network with individuals who are in the same job profile or business as you are. And to use this social media for business purposes, it provides some exclusive features like LinkedIn advertising features. This platform can also help you find and recruit the best talent for your company and generate sales leads.


Twitter is a very famous platform for sharing ideas and thoughts. It has around 328 million active users. But regardless of the number of users, most of its users are literate and intelligent; hence this could be a very useful platform.

Furthermore, though earlier, the number of characters for a tweet was limited to 140 characters, thankfully, now it has been extended up to 280 characters. Thus, now you can share your business ideas with your followers and tell them about your products more broadly.

But if you want to use this platform to grow your business effectively, strategically sharing photos and video content will help you a lot. Other strategies that you can use to build your brand and make your company noticeable through this platform are:

  • Timely sharing of photo and video content regarding your products, brand, and company.
  • Creating and using hashtags professionally regarding your brand, company, and products. This helps you in appearing in the feeds of your target audience.
  • Participating in popular hashtag events.
  • And twitter ads could also help to connect with your target audience.

And although hashtags are easy to use and an effective way to increase your followers, creating hashtags is a complex task. Therefore, the hashtags should be easy but unique enough so that no one else can hijack your hashtag campaign.


Facebook has become such an enormous social media platform that it cannot be ignored at all. This platform has about 2 billion active users globally, the highest on any social media platform. And most of its users are more active than users of other social media platforms. As a result, and due to having the largest numbers of users, Facebook is a great social media platform for businesses.

Most famous brands and even small businesses have business accounts on this platform. And like other social media platforms, you can share photos, videos, progress reports, business ideas, and business updates with clients that don’t usually visit your website.

Facebook has another great feature called Facebook live, which you can use to share about your work culture and the behind-the-scenes content of your business. Then there is also the Facebook ad feature which you can use to target your target audience or potential customers specifically.

All and all, you can grow your business on this platform by sharing content and information that your target audience likes. Thus, the more effectively active you are on this platform, the more your brand and business will grow.


Instagram is gaining popularity as a famous social media platform, and its users are also robustly growing. This platform was built with the concept of sharing photos and videos along with catchy captions for its users. But now, it is also getting famous as a social media platform for businesses. And almost all the famous and new brands and companies are making their business accounts on this platform. Earlier, only the fashion and lifestyle brands were active on this platform, but now even the B2B business is using this platform to connect with their clients on a more personal level.

One of the most effective features of this platform to grow your business is Instagram stories. You can share updates and useful information about your brand and products through these stories. And now Instagram has also updated their app with Instagram reels which you can use to share behind-the-scenes stories and your products in a more creative way with your potential customers.

But whatever you do on this platform to grow your business, keep in mind that the purpose of this platform is to get your customers and potential clients excited about your business and products.

Go with the Flow

There are many more social media platforms for business that you can use to grow your business effectively. However, we have tried to list just those that are very famous among brands and businesses and have many users and potential customers. But one thing is common with all social media platforms: they all have to keep changing their algorithm, features, and policies to keep their users entertained and connected.

And sometimes, it becomes difficult for many businesses to keep their followers and clients updated by sharing content and posts through their social media platforms. However, how many companies and organizations can help you grow your business through social media marketing campaigns. You can search for such companies on the internet, where you’ll find the best results.

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