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Why Do Women Want To Have Labiaplasty?

Aesthetic genital surgery is common nowadays, and often referred to as the ‘designer vagina’ whereby some women seek perfection when it comes to their private area appearance. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure whereby women have their genitals altered for a variety of reasons.

Their labia being too large, too loose, too small, an undesired colour. Also, it feeling uncomfortable when the person is exercising / doing sports, chaffing, itching, recurring urinary tract infections, perhaps, or discomfort when wearing tight clothing.

It can also affect sexual intercourse psychologically, as if a woman doesn’t feel she is attractive in that area, the enjoyment can rapidly decrease.

Depending on culture, opinions differ on how the labia should look. For example, in Japan, smaller labia lips are desired, whereas in Africa, larger labia lips are preferred.

The labia appearance can change such as the sizing, shape and colouring, either due to ageing, puberty, after intercourse, following childbirth and more. Labiaplasty, reducing the labia, or increasing the size by fat transfer can be achieved.

The right surgeon will not only have the correct knowledge to advise on the procedure details required, but also pricing should be reasonable, the photo portfolio satisfactory, and also that he assesses a woman’s mental health to ensure she doesn’t have body dysmorphia. The surgeon should provide the patient with realistic expectations and what can be achieved.

It’s also extremely important that they have experience in this sector, as many things can go wrong, such as the tightening being too extreme, affecting the blood supply, discomfort could be caused, stretching / filling can be a little too excessive causing rubbing, stretching on clothing. Sensation in the area can be sensitive, or non-existent. Scarring and mismatched colouring are other problems that may occur. The woman’s self esteem could deteriorate even more than before.

After labiaplasty, the woman’s self esteem will likely be increased, she will appreciate the appearance of her private region, be able to enjoy sports if she participates, feel more feminine, and most of all, be more comfortable.

For the desired result, the correct surgeon must be chosen, and the right aftercare adhered to.

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