Why Unified Review (Dropshipping): Is It Profitable?

Thanks to the rise of social media, the dropshipping industry is often surrounded by unrealistic expectations. On one hand, social media sensations claim that “this simple plugin made them millionaires overnight!” On the other hand, some people compare it to multilevel marketing and believe it’s a scam in disguise. Why Unified makes dropshipping simple, fun, and profitable, and you can learn more about them below in this Why Unified review.

Who is Why Unified?

Why Unified released in 2011 as a marketing platform as a service (PaaS), but quickly grew into a fully-fledged dropshipping platform available around the world by 2018. To date, Why Unified has helped more than 20,000 entrepreneurs earn hundreds of millions in revenue collectively, and in 2023, that number is expected to skyrocket. The company is headquartered in Delaware and operates out of their state-of-the-art office in Clearwater, Florida. The company’s founder and CEO, Robert Nikic, used the tools he adapted into Why Unified to earn $2 million in a single year in his own ecommerce venture, and he later sold that same store for $4 million to focus solely on Why Unified.

What Determines Your Profitability as a Dropshipper?

Because as many as 90% of dropshipping businesses fail – and many of them fail within the first month – people tend to mistakenly believe that it’s all a game of chance, or it’s all about who you know. Social media gurus (some of whom are being sponsored by competitor dropshipping platforms) often claim they earned millions of dollars in weeks, and you can do it, too. In both cases, people are falling victim to misconceptions. It’s the unpredictability that causes people to fail, and overcoming that unpredictability is what ultimately leads to profitability and success. This is exactly what Why Unified does according to their reviews, help to-be entrepreneurs reach profitability and success.

How Why Unified Makes Dropshipping More Profitable

Why Unified takes a unique approach to dropshipping that is designed to help make everything simpler and more predictable for their clients. In order to sell a product online, you need to build a brand, build a website, stock it with products people want, help the right people find your website at exactly the right time, offer them an incentive to buy from you, and then deliver an exceptional overall experience so that customer buys from you again and again. That is the beating heart of dropshipping. Why Unified is focused on making every step of that journey successful. Let’s review Why Unified’s plans and how they exactly help make it more profitable.

Building a Brand

In today’s world, consumers expect more than just products. They want to buy from reputable retailers with well-designed brands. All of Why Unified’s plans include brand building and development, logo design and much more. Your brand must be recognizable if your dropshipping business is going to be profitable, and that’s why Why Unified includes it in every plan they offer.

Building a Website

You can’t sell products online without a website, and Why Unified are experts at building eye-catching, user-friendly shopping experiences. Not only do they create a phenomenal browsing experience, but they also optimize the checkout process in their Funnels, Dropship Lite, and Dropship Plus plans to ensure things run smoothly.

Stocking Your Website

Why Unified works with some of the world’s biggest and most well-known brands, including Colgate, Starbucks, Slimfast, The Nature’s Bounty Co., and others, and Dropship Plus subscribers can offer these brands and more in their stores. You can choose the niche or industry you want to operate in, and the Why Unified team will stock your store with products that fit – and not just any products, either. These are products that people already know and love, which are sure to get (and keep) shoppers’ attention!

Why Unified recently introduced addons that allow you to sell your wares on Amazon. While it’s true that dropshipping is prohibited on the Amazon platform, the Why Unified addon utilizes a hybrid fulfillment model. Rather than pre-purchasing your inventory, you only pay for the items as they sell. In this manner, the addons remain fully compliant with Amazon’s terms, and you gain access to the largest e-commerce hub in the world.

Helping People Find Your Website

Why Unified is made up of marketing experts, and they’ll design, execute, and maintain a full-fledged advertising campaign on your behalf. They build scroll-stopping ads for Facebook and other platforms that get more clicks than you ever thought possible. Better still, the team uses their in-house knowledge to deliver these ads to the right people at exactly the right time, so the people who click are already primed to buy.

Giving People Incentives to Buy From You

There are thousands of online retailers selling brand-name products, which can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd – especially when it comes to dropshipping, which is notorious for its long shipping times and lack of quality control. However, Why Unified makes sure that you offer highly competitive prices that are often even lower than Amazon or Walmart, even on brand-name products. If you choose Dropship Plus, you’ll even be able to offer Prime-like two-day shipping, which is something consumers have come to expect in recent years.

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

At the end of the day, if the overall customer experience is lacking, it’s impossible to succeed as a dropshipper. Why Unified’s entire process – including everything they do – is focused on customer experience. From the design of the website to the products on offer, and even to the fast shipping speeds and optimized checkout, Why Unified users offer their visitors some of the best online shopping experiences in the world, and that’s what keeps people coming back time and again.

Dropship Your Way with Four Different Plans

Unlike their competitors, Why Unified is focused on giving you the power to choose the plan that’s right for you based on your needs and budget. There are four different options, and each comes with its own monthly subscription fee. Why Unified doesn’t charge per-sale fees, either; you’ll only ever pay for your paid advertising and your monthly subscription, and you’ll keep 100% of what you earn.


Their dropshipping advertising plan was designed for dropshippers who want to drive more traffic to existing stores. It includes a wide range of services, including social media advertising, campaign setup and management, audience building, personalized and branded advertisements, real-time campaign optimization, and real-time dashboard reporting. For just the monthly subscription and as little as $10 a day for advertising costs.


The dropshipping funnels plan includes everything in the Ads plan plus a few extras designed to help dropshippers build solid sales funnels. With this plan, the Why Unified team will replace your boring product pages with quality sales funnels, and they’ll even start sending smart emails designed to upsell, down-sell, and cross-sell to further generate revenue. They’ll optimize your checkout process, provide you with professional product and promotion suggestions, and optimize your campaigns in real time.

Dropship Lite

If you’re interested in building a store from scratch, Dropship Lite is a great starting place. The Why Unified team will build a branded store filled with trendy, sometimes viral products. They offer fair margins and low returns, the ability to swap products in your store due to demand and changing trends, and they’ll even supply your store with professional product photography! The Why Unified reviews of the Dropship Lite plan have been fair with convervesy over shipping times. Unlike their Dropship Plus plan, some products may not be sourced in the United States with the Lite plan. All of Why Unified’s suppliers are pre-vetted for quality and reliability, and the Why Unified team provides exceptional email and chat support, too. You can even get paid the same day with Stripe!

Dropship Plus

Dropship Plus is Why Unified’s flagship subscription, and it is by far their most popular offering based on Why Unified’s reviews of the Dropship Plus plan. It includes everything mentioned above, but with a few exciting additions. You gain access to more than fifity popular brands like Colgate, Crest, Starbucks, and Airborne – all with exceptional profit margins! You can offer your customers two-day shopping thanks to fast United States-based order fulfillment, as well. Why Unified is the first platform in the world to offer dropshipping branded products, and they do so for one flat monthly subscription fee.


Profitability is the foremost concern among entrepreneur dropshippers, and Why Unified makes it easier than ever to generate traffic that converts. They’re the only dropshipping platform offering access to name-brand products and two-day shipping, and they’re doing it at an exceptionally low cost. Why Unified is turning dropshipping on its head and putting profitability in reach of entrepreneurs of all skill levels. They don’t make false promises and claim to make people millionaires overnight, but many of their clients start seeing big growth in profitability, according to Why Unified reviews with a 4.7+ star rating on many trusted review sites.

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