Why You Should Try Online Healthcare

Mental Illness has always been a taboo subject. Some have referred to it as a character flaw instead of a chemical imbalance. But just because you cannot see someone suffering doesn’t mean that they aren’t. When someone suffers from a mental illness, they have a chemical imbalance they are dealing with that may require care from a professional. Our mental health institutions and attitudes still aren’t perfect, but getting professional help for a mental illness has never been easier. 

On its surface, therapy appointments are a pretty straightforward process. You schedule an appointment with a doctor and show up during your allotted time. Now, you can do all that online and cut out the middle man in the process if you know what to look for. Online mental health services are becoming increasingly prevalent, and people are flocking towards those services in droves. 

You Should Try YANA 

One of the bigger online therapy tools is YANA online mental healthcare. The company’s name is an acronym for “You Are Not Alone” because they know all too well that patients cannot achieve recovery on their own. Finding mental wellness and helping patients practice self-care is a collaborative effort that requires more than just the patient. If you have a good doctor, you are more susceptible to latch on to breakthroughs and achieve real mental wellness. 

Big Benefits 

The biggest benefit in signing up for online therapy through YANA is simply the fact that it is more affordable than a traditional doctor. Instead of having to coordinate with an insurance company, YANA offers full financial transparency. Their subscription-based services offer plans as low as 12 dollars a week. 

It has taken the United States a long time to get to the point where therapy is offered to those in their pajamas from the comfort of their own homes. People who were alive less than a century ago were freely committed and lobotomized for issues that we now know can be treated with therapy and proper medication. To get rid of the stigma associated with mental illness, however, people still have to put in the effort. Even though you cannot see someone suffering from mental anguish, doesn’t mean that their condition won’t worsen if they don’t receive care. All of us have low days and it is important to acknowledge the need for self-improvement. 

Although online therapy tools offer a convenient and efficient way to get therapy without having to use insurance, they aren’t necessarily for everyone. Some people require real face-to-face interaction to heal. But studies have shown that receiving therapy online is comparable to the real thing. The only difference is that you don’t get a real physical and proper diagnosis from a healthcare professional. Instead, doctors are going in with the information they are provided and going from there. Sites like YANA do extensive research before providing you with a plan, however. So be sure to come prepared with questions for your potential health care professional. 

We all know that talk therapy doesn’t always do the trick for those that need care. They need additional assistance to help ease the symptoms of their illness. Luckily YANA patients are given access to medications that work prescribed by real professionals. You don’t have to drive out to a pharmacy to pick up your prescription, instead, it’s delivered right to your door. 

Working through issues is a lot of hard work that requires a lot of accountability and a  real need to move forward. Going into therapy, you should have an open mind and understand that healing takes time. Instead of shutting out your doctor because you don’t feel better fast enough, keep in mind that you both have to put in the effort to get a handle on your issues. 

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