X Sports Games to Play on iOS

What better way to spend your time after watching your favorite sports team or player compete than reliving it on your iPhone?

Here are the 4 top sports games you can play on the iOS.

Football Betting

Bet on your sports team and make money at the same time with UFABET on your iPhone. If you don’t know yet, here’s how to play UFABET 3 steps. Afterwards you can try a small amount and build on your winnings.

UFABET gives you access to sport betting on the iPhone. Try it today.

Madden NFL Mobile

Madden is one of the most renowned and respected games in game consoles. It appeared on both Xbox and Playstation, and now it’s making its way to mobile phones.

All the aspects of American football are here, including building the perfect team, calling out plays and laying down offensive schemes. It’s a fun title to play anywhere, even while waiting for the real sports game to start.

NBA 2K Mobile

It’s the same with Madden- NBA 2K is a longstanding franchise that has finally appeared on the iPhone. You get touchscreen controls that work pretty well- pass, rebound and shoot your way to victory using the NBA team of your choice.

Gameplay is similar to the console experience, albeit with lower graphics. However, you get the advantage of being able to play anywhere you want with friends!

PGA Tour Golf Shootout

Golf is a slow-paced, relaxing game that surprisingly translates well on the mobile screen. With PGA Tour Golf Shootout, you play on the lush green and upgrade golf clubs along the way.

Golf tournaments, daily challenges and power-ups will keep you coming back for one more round. The graphics are great on mobile- the greens and slopes are well-defined, and the interface is seamless and easy to understand.

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