You don’t have to be James Bond to unlock your car with your watch!

A new technology allows you to lock/unlock your car using your hand watch!

Just like in a James Bond movie, when our beloved agent 007 arrives to his new, shiny gray Aston Martin, reveal his elegant hand watch, and with one click unlocks the car and start the engine!

The new car key-hand watch you always wished you’d have is here!
In the last century, the hand watch as become much more than a way to tell time.

It is one of the most common jewelry’s man and woman wear daily.
Some watches made by specific watch makers such as “ROLEX” are a symbol of high status and opulence, because of that, many business man, lawyers and almost anyone who wears a suit use the hand watch to complete that “high status” look.

The new car key-hand watch combines two common items that we use daily in to a one convenient solution!

How it works?

Since 1990s’, every car as a small cheep that is connected to the car mainframe and allows the car to start, if that cheap s not coded by a certified locksmith the car won’t start – that is the car defense mechanism , that prevents unauthorized key duplication and as a result car theft.

For instance, many times in the past, people gave their key to a service men as they arrived to a party or restaurant. That service men took the car key, made a quick copy using mold and later used his copy to steal the key.
The new cheep made it much more difficult to steal a car, because only certified men can duplicate the key and code the cheap.

The watch uses that same technology in the car key to activate the cheep and start the car.

A certified locksmith connects to the car’s OBD socket and code the cheep using a special software, the watch is then connected to that cheep and gains the ability to lock/unlock the car!

It absolutely replaces the your old car key and gives you a much more elegant and convenient way to unlock your car and drive.

So who could use that new invention?

The new car key-hand watch can make any driver’s life better.

Instead of using your old car keys, that take space in your pocket, you have to save in a safe place, have the fear of losing them or be worried about them when you go to the gym or the pool, you can use this new, stylish, waterproof key-hand watch!

The new hand watch is compatible to 90% of the vehicles: Japanese, Korean, Italian, France, German, Czech, Chinese and many more!

As the duplication of a new car key could be very costly, the watch could be a nice and exciting replacement to man and woman.

It comes in many different unique designs, it is waterproof, you could wear it without even take it off.

The new hand watch is a great, elegant and useful gift that no one could resist!

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