10 Best Video Games to Play in 2020

2020 is a year filled with uniquely different and new genres of video games along with a lot of sequels and remakes of old favorites. Video gamers all around the world are anxiously waiting for the new releases of their most wanted storylines and therefore video game industry giants are following suit. Sony, Microsoft, and Google with its Stadia platform are venturing for the maximum returns on their gaming offerings and 2020 looks like a magical year for the most exciting releases. Maybe it’s the time to buy an article or two to have no college worries and devote your time to gaming? Here’s a list of best video games to be launched during this year.

1. Bleeding Edge

Set to be released on March 24, Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer melee brawler by Ninja Theory. It seems like a coming together of Overwatch and Power Stone and considering their individual past successes, this union has everyone their fingers crossed.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

With Keanu Reeves being a part of Cyberpunk 2077, the hype and anticipation of this game being developed by the same team responsible for The Witcher 3 is at its peak. The release date has been announced to be September 17. It is believed to be one of the most intense sci-fi RPG experiences ever developed in the gaming history.

3. Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance comes as co-op dungeon crawler Diablo-like gameplay based on Baldur’s Gate mythology, set to be released fall of 2020. With its world steeped in Dungeons and Dragons, this multiplayer game consists of elaborately designed layers of virtual reality with rewards coming in the form of loot after you slay deadly monsters.

4. Doom Eternal

When the prequel Doom came out in 2016, not many people could anticipate its success therefore the expectations from Doom Eternal are quite high to begin with. Fans are looking forward to a fast-paced gameplay with a lot more demons to kill and guns to fire. The release date is set for March 20.

5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

One of the most ambitious projects in the videogame industry, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has defied all previous notions of gaming experience. With the release set on April 10, the creator, Square Enix is set to re-imagine one of most thrilling JRPGs in a much longer gameplay to satisfy fans.

6. Gears Tactics  

A sequel to Gears of War, Gears Tactics is set to release on April 28 as a high-octane strategy action-packed videogame. The developer Splash Damage has taken some assistance from the X-Com series to make the gameplay more robust and filled with fast-paced intriguing storyline.

7. Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters is a pleasant reminder of Breath of the Wild with a lot of new features and storylines considering that this game comes from the developers of one the greatest games, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It is set to be released on February 25 and the fans just cannot wait to see what the new world looks like.

8. Half-Life: Alyx

A sequel to Half-Life and a prequel to Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx focuses on the storyline of Alyx Vance with a mission to protect her father from the Combine. This game ventures into the world of virtual reality gameplay and set to be released in March.

9. Iron Man VR

Another game set in virtual reality, Marvel is expected to launch Iron Man VR on May 15 and turn things around for the Marvel superhero. The use of VR gameplay seems very exciting since the possibility of stepping into Iron Man’s suit and flying like a superhero is every fan’s dream come true.

10. Marvel’s Avengers

The superhero franchise has made its fans wait long enough to develop a satisfying Avengers videogame but with Square Enix being one of the main developers on the project, Marvel’s Avengers is set to be released on September 4. With an expanded storyline and fast-paced action, this could very well become the most-anticipated videogame of the year.

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