10 Great Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

While all those digital tools serve to reach potential customers quicker, the competition in the market remains pretty serious. It means that every solution that allows you to save some time, effort, and/or money is highly appreciated. Not only can you avail of diverse marketing channels but also of some tools making these channels work more effectively.

In this article, we will have a look at various WordPress (WP) plugins developed for making email marketing a breeze. So, if you find this topic interesting, just keep reading about 10 great plugins for increasing your customer database and engaging subscribers via email.

Basic Info on WP, Email Marketing, and Plugins

Let’s start by going through the very basics just to make sure that you will find everything clear. So, what is WP? It is a well-known platform for creating websites of different types from blogs to e-commerce stores. It includes a wide range of customization options for making fully functioning sites with absolutely stunning designs. It is possible to use it for free if you do not need anything complicated with innovative features.

Email marketing is all about reaching your customers using email. You can do this to increase brand awareness by sending invitations, notifying them about special offers, etc. Everything seems to be simple so far. However, just think of how you are going to send emails to thousands of your potential customers at once? Also, your emails should look attractive and informative to grab the attention of readers. Of course, you can use special applications for creating pics, videos, and other content, but there is a much better way.

This is when you may need to opt for a special plugin, a tool that adds to the functionally of existing software and can be used for websites based on the WP platform.

Combined all together, you will get WP plugins specially developed for marketing via email! Choosing the right option may be difficult since multiple similar tools are available for this platform today. We would like to draw your attention to 10 great plugins for WP users, which can be effectively utilized in promoting your business via email and will save you lots of time.

Plugin #1 — Mailster

This plugin has been highly rated by many users. It is a very easy-to-use tool, which comes with a drag & drop interface. If you have never had experience in leveraging a plugin, in particular, those designed for marketing via email, do not worry. The helpful customer care reps will provide you with all the information you need. Also, you can go through comprehensive tutorials.

The main features it comes with include:

·         simple integration

·         great designs suitable for mobile users

·         smart analytics

·         plenty of subscription forms

All in all, it is a decent tool for creating fantastic newsletters using the WP platform. You can test this plugin for free. It will take you just a few minutes to download and install it.

Plugin #2 — SendinBlue

It is a great option for those looking for a plugin with excellent customer service and an abundance of helpful features. It can be used for marketing not only via email but also via SMS and live chat. It has a user-friendly messenger builder, which allows designing beautiful emails in seconds.

The plugin’s convenient personalization features work for adding specific information to your emails, such as a name and more. Webmasters send their emails to any number of potential customers with just a few clicks.

The main features of this great plugin include:

·         simple integration

·         advanced statistics

·         smart analytics tools

·         convenient interface for creating emails

·         great customization options

Plugin #3 — MailChimp

It is surely one of the best tools to use in promoting your products or services via email. You will need to create an account with this service provider first, and then the plugin will connect it with your website running on the WP platform. Registering with this service is free, and it takes no time.

The main features of this service are as follows:

·         convenient and attractive sign-up forms for users

·         compatibility with various mobile devices

·         quick and simple integration with other tools

·         excellent customer service

Plugin #4 — OptinMonster

Suitable for professionals, this plugin can also be successfully used by beginners. It will help you a lot in lead generation and email marketing. There are different pricing plans available to get this plugin upon subscription.

The main features of this product include the following:

·         designs suitable for mobile users

·         a huge number of templates

·         useful analytics options

·         smart tools for targeting

·         a convenient email builder

·         simple integration

Plugin #5 — Email Subscribers & Newsletters

As you can figure out from the tool’s name, it can be used to send various emails, including newsletters, to your subscribers and for collecting leads as well. It is packed with various features that you will find helpful in your work.

The main features provided by this plugin include:

·         automated welcome emails

·         quick and simple setup

·         great customer care

·         scheduling emails

·         full control over user access

·         simple integration

Plugin #6 — Newsletter

It is another amazing free plugin that you can use in promoting your business via email. You can expect to enjoy the best possible experience! It is an ideal option for lead generation and sending out eye-catching emails.

The main features you can take advantage of include:

·         designs looking perfectly on various mobile devices

·         any number of subscribers

·         simple integration

·         free and paid add-ons

·         helpful customer service

Plugin #7 — MailPoet

MailPoet is now available in an updated version to provide customers with an even better experience. It allows sending out emails to up to 2,000 people for free right from your business website running on the WP platform. If you wish to engage more users, then you can just upgrade for a paid version.

The main features included in this plugin are as follows:

·         a great collection of high-quality templates

·         MailPoet’s service for sending emails

·         helpful customer service

·         automated welcome emails

·         quick setup

Plugin #8 —List Builder by Sumo

If you have an ambitious goal of adding more people to your email list, then consider opting for this plugin. It allows converting users to subscribers with amazing newsletters. You can also set pop-ups and specify how and when you wish them to appear for your users.

Like many other great plugins, it also has a convenient messenger builder allowing you to create brilliant emails with the help of drag & drop options. Since there is a free version available, you can test this product before buying it.

The main features that come along with this plugin are as follows:

·         a great range of different templates

·         design that works smoothly for mobile users

·         an easy-to-use messenger builder

·         great targeting tools

·         simple integration

·         helpful customer care

Plugin #9 — WP Subscribe Pro

It is an advanced option for those who take marketing via email seriously. It is instrumental in increasing a conversion rate by sending out a bunch of attention-catching emails. Also, it works perfectly with a range of other similar services, such as MailChimp.

Its main features include:

·         compatibility of designs with various mobile operating systems

·         a large variety of templates

·         spectacular animations

·         plenty of customizable options

·         instant customer service

Plugin #10 — Ninja Kick

It is another good choice for those who aim at adding more names to their list. Just place its form on your website to collect subscribers or launch pop-ups, which will draw the attention of your users in a non-obstructive manner. It can be integrated with more than ten email marketing tools, such as FreshMail. It is up to you when you want the subscription form to pop up for your users, as you have several options to choose from.

The main features for you to enjoy when using this plugin include the following:

·         seamless work with a range of digital tools

·         designs perfectly displayed on various mobile devices

·         highly adjustable look

·         available in different languages

Bottom Line

If you run your site on the WP platform and aim at attracting lots of potential customers, do not miss your chance to do this quickly and conveniently! All you need is to pick suitable plugins to integrate into your work.

Most of them are available in a free version, which allows testing them and picking exactly what you need. It may be challenging for beginners to figure out how everything works, but great customer support will help them.

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