3 Easy Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Love the way you acquire followers by Instagram likes and want to expand your Instagram marketing portfolio?

Depending on your product or brand, it’s most likely that your audience are on Instagram. The social media platform has evolved into something far more than just posts- it’s a veritable haven for marketing campaigns as well.

Here are some tips you can add to your marketing to gain a lot more followers and sales.

Aim for Natural Posts

Nothing turns off people more than a post that’s clearly selling something. As such, it’s better to be natural and not too ‘pushy’ when posting on Instagram.

A good example would be to showcase your products or services without any ad copy, or making a helpful post that’s related to your product. Don’t try too hard but instead, focus on who you’re talking to and thinking about what they might need.

Use Branded Hashtags

Top global brands use hashtags to maximum effect. For instance, they come up with custom hashtags and collaborate with influencers on spreading that hashtag via Instagram marketing campaigns. The more you can get people to use that particular hashtag, the better.

You can use the brand name, a unique slogan or something that can be tied directly to your company. To spread the word, you can offer promotions and deals such as a discount when people post pictures of themselves using your product with the hashtag.

Post at the Best Time

You can get more Instagram likes when you post your content at the right time. Believe it or not, your audience won’t be around 24/7 to like your posts- there’s a certain time of day when they are at their highest.

You can do your research and look at analytics to see the best time or the day of the week to post. More isn’t necessarily better- in this case, you can be smart and save time when you post several times per week instead of every day.

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