4 Tech Trends That Have Reformed the Moving Industry

The relocation service industry is talking about technology and its importance more than ever. The majority of iMoving local movers have been quick to get accustomed to the technology changes that are proven to give great results to the business. From making the operations more efficient and hassle-free to nurturing the trust aspect of the customers, there are various technology trends that have been rewarding in great extent. From local moves to international relocation, moving services at every scale are today considered more reliable and result-oriented.

While different moving companies use a variety of smart technology solutions, there have been a few trends that are the common factors of the success of most of these moving services providers. In this post, we have discussed 4 such smart moving trends that are helping movers offer high quality, efficient and customer friendly services. These trends are not only beneficial for the moving companies, but they have also been a great aid for the relocating clients in a number of ways.

1 Ease of Boking and Client Autonomy

The progressive moving companies are more focused on providing their customers with great solutions that promote automation. The requirement for increased customer contact and accessibility is more than ever and the moving companies with a futuristic vision must understand that. From booking a short notice moving service to scheduling a local or long distance move well in advance, the customers can do whatever they wish for and the moving companies have several apps and web platforms to utilize. Besides, the apps and web portals also allow house movers to cancel a service request or modify any changes.

The benefit that moving companies can have with this kind of technology based service offering is a competitive edge. As the client feels powerful with the ability to handle the move related requirements, the company becomes more preferred, able to leap frog the competition. The added convenience of handling the moving process on the go enhance the customer experience and autonomy at the same time.

2. Tracking the Goods Throughout the Process

The client of reliable moving service companies enjoy frequent updates about the moving process ad real-time goods location from time to time. Further, the moving companies utilize the GPS technology to allow the moving service clients to track the location and progress of their consignments at any time. Whether it is a truck loaded with household goods or a commercial property consignment, the feature to automatically track the movement offers a sense of control and reassurance to the clients. Besides, this also means that the moving service provider would have to deal with less business enquiries.

What additional benefit this tracking technology has brought to both the involved parties is the ability to create more realistic timelines and scheduling. The moving company and the client can now better prepare for the move and ensure complete success. The enhanced customer experience also contributes towards improvising the delays and enhance workflow efficiency.

3. Cost Estimation

Do you know what the first thing is that a moving service client would look for while searching for a moving service? They search for the cost of the moving and compare companies based on their moving quotes. This was once a tough challenge the moving companies faced because the calculation of the moving cost on individual request can be both time taking and prone to error. However, with smart technologies like artificial intelligence, moving companies today generate accurate moving quotes as per the individual request.

The moving service client can choose the types of goods they intend to move, drop off and pick up locations as well as any special requests that they may have. Both mobile apps and web based portals allows moving service clients to offer this information and get an instant moving quote.

It is one of the most attractive feature that moving companies today use to lure the clients. Because the clients get accurate, speedy and self-generated, they rely on such moving companies more than those who do not utilize the technology. The moving quote generation model again operates on the idea of offering more process control to the moving service clients. There are specialized moving service portals that also offer great convenience in comparing moving service quotes from different companies and make it easier for the moving service clients to have an affordable move. The addition of a realistic budgeting tool to the entire situation can make the entire process more efficient, reducing work for both the parties involved in the process.

24/7 customer support:

The modern customer expects the moving company to be the sole pillar of reliance for them as they decide to move.          Offering uncompromised customer service and support has thus become imperative. From AI to Chatbots, moving companies of large scale are utilizing all types of technology. Thistechnology have great interpretation power and they ensure to offer accurate answers to the queries of the customers. Besides, these Chabot’s are also able to offer real-time tracking support to the moving service clients, enhancing the experience to the top notch.

The moving companies need not to worry about the number of client requests or conversation they receive as the modern technologies are able to handle multiple conversation with clients at the same time. Moreover, these Chabot’s make a moving company available online 24/7. This enable the company to offer uncompromised support to the client and ensure great [profitability. The proactive customer interaction ability of the Chabot’s further enhance the level of human feel.

Being a moving company in the competitive moving market in the US, one has to be very conservative about the services they offer and the way they entertain their clients. The moving serviceclients have evolving needs and thanks to technology, these needs can be met with perfection. From searching a storage facility to finding innovative ways to pack, moving service clients need answer to their queries at the earliest and only reliable technology trends can prove great help. The above-mentioned technologies have proven very beneficial for moving companies and have the potential to help [several others.

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