5 Ways Technology Has Improved Online Gaming

The quality of life is advancing at par with the constant rapid change in technology. With people seeking alternative forms of entertainment to keep them busy, many are turning to iGaming.

New technology software and hardware have propelled the growth of the gaming industry. The advancement of Artificial intelligence enabling the creation of games with futuristic elements that can almost play mimicry to the current world is a testament to how far the gaming industry has advanced

The worldwide gaming market accounts for about $123.5 billion, showing a thriving sector that continues to advance yearly. Of all gamers, it is approximated that 52% of them prefer to use their personalized smartphones and tablets as their online iGaming platforms. With the constant advancements in technology, growth in the iGaming industry cannot be capped, and it is enticing to see where this is headed. Today we take a glance at the five different ways in which technology has improved online gaming.

1.    New Platforms

In the early years of online gaming development, internet connection was not widely available to gamers. With the advancement of technology, you can now access the internet from anywhere and get amazing internet connection speeds. This has aided in the development of new online gaming platforms.

Regardless of the gamer’s location, you can now access your favorite online games from anywhere and play with people from different places in the world. This has led to various platforms rising, allowing gamers to compete usually at a small fee. These platforms have morphed into various esports tournaments between the players

This interesting development in the sector has not left bookies behind. Nowadays, you can find many online sites that accept wagering on these online games. This enables you to earn a little extra cash as you enjoy your game. Sites like online-gambling.com facilitate this showing some of the best Michigan online gambling sites available to capitalize on this opportunity. This advancement was arbitrary a while back, but Technology has managed to push it to what we now regard as the new normal.

2.    Mobile Gaming.

Nowadays, it is very rare for someone to lack a game on their smartphone. Whether it is played as a pastime or as an obsession, the position of mobile gaming cannot be understated.

 With 52% of the total gamers being smartphone and tablet users, mobile developers emphasize developing powerful phones that can handle higher graphics and process information faster, reducing the lag time and load time while playing games. Screen size is also considered to enhance a comfortable mobile gaming experience.

This has led to the growth of multitudes of companies specializing in the development of mobile games. In 2017 Mediakix reported that the population of mobile gamers in the United States was 193 million, which exceeded half of the country’s population at the time. The number of expected mobile users was expected to rise above the 200 million figure mark as technology advanced

3.    Cloud-Based technology

Companies are flocking by the multitude to offer cloud-based computing services. When this technology is translated into the gaming industry, gamers can access their games from a designated computer remotely, giving rise to a Netflix-like experience for the gamer. This enables the gamer to save a considerable amount of money on hardware that would have been otherwise required to play the game.

Responses forwarded from the gamer’s gaming platform are relayed to and executed by the data center in milliseconds. Contrary to traditional gaming, instructions would have been fed to the desktop you are using.

You can access your favorite online gaming titles without acquiring the titles at a nominal subscription free, giving you an all-access pass reveling in your favorite games.

4.    Social Platforms

Online games nowadays come with chat boxes. This helps develop a new type of community in society with people sharing interests. Critics of modern age technology criticize it because it makes people anti-social by creating virtual universes where they are immersed, isolating gamers.

These chat boxes enable you to connect and socialize with people within the confines of the game, developing the gaming community.

These social platforms are often carried on from the game, with communities being formed from them. Reddit communities based on games are an example of such.

Within these communities of like-minded people, friends are made. Games like Fortnite, which is incredibly popular, promote and allow players to communicate with each other as they engage in the game interacting with each other

5.    Modern Devices and Better Quality

In the old days, for a gamer to fully enjoy and experience a game, they had to have an expensive set-up with a High-Definition graphics card and a high-functioning personal computer to enjoy a game of the clearest quality.

Personal computers and gaming consoles have invested in fitting their machines with graphic cards and powerful processors to enable faster loading times for the games and eliminate lag.

With the advancement of technology, clear graphics are achieved by these superior modern devices at a fraction of the cost. Consoles are now competing on the fast-loading times, with constant upgrades being offered to your software and hardware at alarming intervals. This is done to ensure that your gaming experience is as seamless as possible leading to your satisfaction.

Modern dat televisions are being developed with gamers in mind, with technology like ray tracing being incorporated, granting the game the most realistic feel. When it comes to graphics augmented by fast processing, this realism sure makes online gaming a worthwhile experience compared to the latter years.


Modern technology advancements have greatly changed the world. A world without these contemporary technologies is unimaginable. Most likely, life without it would be nasty, brutish and short. A technology-oriented future is one to be admired and wished for.

In particular, the gaming industry’s prospect in this futuristic world is expected to be tremendous. Games are expected to be better and more realistic, particularly with the development of artificial intelligence. You can expect to be fully immersed in the gaming experience expected to be offered.

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