ADA Bathroom Layout Handicap Compliant

Modernity is introducing more inclusive architecture. Age related challenges no longer act as a barrier because of the accessible architectural designs featuring stylish amenities.  The overall design of a facility should be such that it opens the way to make your bedroom as accessible as possible. Some people need to accommodate their home as per their own requirements and increase independent ways of living.

 To help them maneuver safely, now it is important to address the lavatory layout. Taking inventory of the users capabilities and preferences, it is easy to design a handicap bathroom. The ADA bathroom layout  (American with Disabilities Act) is in formulation so that disabled people have equal access in sharing washrooms in public places. To aid the convenience of handicapped people, it is mandatory for public establishments to maintain compliance with the act.

An In-depth Summary of the ADA Bathroom Layout

What do you understand about a handicap bathroom? The simple answer to it is that every aged and disabled user should be safe, use the fixtures independently, and efficient bathroom spaces will help them to move freely. The fixture and the door locations need to be within the ADA guidelines to ease maneuvering.

Even life in a wheelchair shouldn’t restrict your choices to enjoy life. So, allow yourself to be comfortable and be safe in washrooms of  private residential places. The focal point of the ADA toilet is that there should be proper measurement and spacing of several elements within the bathroom. In terms of fixtures, the grab bars should be included in both the bathtubs and toilets.

Along with the ADA compliant,  some changes in the bathroom should be done  and the ADA bathroom dimensions are aesthetically pleasing. These changes are quickly possible to be made.

While being compliant, you can implement these stylish bathroom layouts.

Convenient Curbless Shower

Those who have difficulty in walking or are in wheelchairs are not able to access the tubs. Even those who cannot maneuver freely, can easily access the  new ADA shower requirements. The curbless shower stall is one useful piece of equipment and the disabled persons have easy access to it. While renovating your space, equip it with the curbless shower to enhance the sophistication, and make your space much more appealing. The shower needs to be large enough to accommodate those who want to shower without assistance. Also, a built-in seat can be installed to help those who want to shower while sitting.

Install Wall-mounted Sinks

Sinks are an essential unit of your washroom and so the heights are adjustable. The wall -mounted sinks are an apt solution for the ADA bathroom layout. Along with functionality, these types of sinks are functional. The sinks need to be low enough so that the wheelchair-using   people can  easily access it. Also while installing, make a note that faucets are easy to reach and operate.

Lower the Height of the Toilet

Along with the adjustment in the height of the sink, you need to ensure the low height of  the toilet. A modern low heighted-toilet will be accessible by those seated in a wheelchair. To ensure the convenience, a  replacement with a longer base would help much. Another way to manage the height of the toilet is to add the base beneath the toilet and it will elevate the unit several inches.

Add Hardware Option

There are many hardware options for your handicap bathroom. Without making much changes or remodel in the existing washspace, you can add the stylish hardware options. To make your washspace more accessible, you have to strategically place the grab bars inside your bathroom. Combine the elegance and functionality within your space by selecting unique grab bars. To add the modern touch to bathroom accessories, specify your needs in selecting the high-end finishes such as brass or stainless steel.

Modern Bathroom Feature

The ADA restroom should include all the compliant features needed for an disabled person. To ease the usage of hand drying, the ADA guidelines enforce the installation of a towel bar. Towel bars should be made at low height to make it easily accessible. If you want to level up the style and design of it, you have to comply with it with an ornate, unique towel bar so  that you can organize the designer towels for them.

Ensure Proper ADA Bathroom Dimension

The ADA bathroom dimensions are equally important to consider. Thus, the measurements of the opening door is an easy task to do. A wheelchair needs extra space to enter and depart. The adjustments in the bathroom should be done to fetch the easy accessibility by disabled users.

As per the ADA guidelines, every single bathroom should include a clear circle of more than 60” to allow the wheelchair to turn. Also, there should be 30”*48”access to the sink and a centerline of the toilet featuring 16” from the wall.. These need to be made in your wash space to maximize comfort and accessibility.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to worry anymore about allowing disabled persons to access the bathroom on their own. If your family member or guest is in a wheelchair, be glad to offer the impressive ADA shower requirements. The handicap washrooms feature styled and safety components.

On the washroom floor, there shouldn’t be any floor mats placed as it may cause tripping hazard for a wheelchair. Individual requirements of the person should be considered and accordingly easily accessible storage components should be framed.

I hope these layout ideas would help you enhance your current bathroom design, and you will create an easy to use bath space for everyone. For more home improvement and decoration tips and guidance, keep coming to Homedesignnow.

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