Hiro Ando Talks about Making Money with NFTs

He has ventured into space with his NFT collection called “Samurai Cats.”

Probably NFTs is the only topic of discussion today that has been largely spoken about between celebrities, respected companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and so many others. So many have come to the forefront to launch their own NFTs and take over the crypto community. One name that has been making a lot of noise recently in the industry is Hiro Ando (@hiroandoofficial), a Japanese artist known for creating popular works blending western and eastern pop culture. Along with him, it is also the renowned American DJ named Steve Aoki, who has garnered much name and fame for entering the Defi world.

Hiro Ando is the man behind “Samurai Cats,” and the man who has partnered is Steve Aoki. The former, who has had a great run in the world of art making incredible sculptures, believed in his visions to enter the Defi world, and so did the latter, who placed his bets on the same. Both of these outstanding artists have given their all in their niches and now can’t wait to take over the NFT space as well with Samurai Cats. Hiro Ando has now come forward to share a few important ways through which people can make money with NFTs.

•          Digital Artworks:

Experts of the industry are of the opinion that individual NFT artworks stand as the most valuable NFTs in the market. Last year in 2021, one of the most renowned auction houses worldwide sold an NFT artwork for $69 million. This has proved how NFTs is a true revolution in the vast art world.

•          NFT-Based Video Games:

It is said that NFT-based video games can become the future of NFT technology. Like NFTs attached to artworks, NFTs getting applied to video games have enormous potential. Already virtual items and games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike have a market worth billions. If the video game company decides to sell their in-game items as NFTs, the impact could be major in gaming and blockchain ecosystems.

•          Licensed Collectibles:

Tokenizing collectibles is also one of the most talked-about applications of NFT technology. Brands that initially were selling physical collectibles have the opportunity to sell the same in digital form, earning a higher value of the digital trading card.

Steve Aoki also mentions that NFTs are more than just any passing trend in the world of crypto. There are so many new applications to NFT technology, and the full potential of the same is now only beginning to be explored. Samurai Cats (, their NFT project, which has been recently launched, has attained all the headlines for multiple reasons, one being starting with a collection of 4747 Samurai Cats NFTs, unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT owners get various benefits, enabling them to reach their next level of success in the ever-so-evolving digital financial industry.

With artists like Hiro Ando and Steve Aoki jumping into the industry and supporting and trusting the NFT space, more of such artists are now joining in the bandwagon. Find out more about it now through Instagram @samuraicats_by_hiroando.

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