How to Keep Your Home Waterproof in Rainy Season: 5 Tips

It is June already, and the rains are fast approaching. From children to grown-ups, we all celebrate monsoons in our own different ways. From thundering clouds, lighting, and the freshness of air after it rains, everything feels great. The rainy season always has something to offer, for each one of us.

But at the same time, when the rainy season is fast approaching, it is always a good thing to waterproof your home. While you are enjoying the vibe rains bring in, your house can face damages and problems like fungus, leaking walls, and furniture damage.

This is why, it is always a good thing to waterproof your house during the pre-rainy season, so in case there is any chance of rain damage to your house, you are safe.

Below, I have enlisted a few tips that I follow in my personal life and are sure to come in handy for you too.

1. Rolling the carpets

If carpets come in contact with water, they can certainly be dried. But often they end up getting damp, losing their shine and even develop a certain smell, which is hard to get rid of.

So, before the start of the rainy season, it is always a good thing to keep the carpets rolled away. But in case, if they come in contact with water, keeping them out in the sun to dry is your best possible bet.

Further, when the rainy season passes and you wish to start using it again, make sure to let the air pass by that it collects in a few days.

2. Fix or get rid of loose wires

This is the most important point in this article as when it comes to losing wires, it isn’t about damage to the house’s property but it is about one’s own safety and well-being. I have heard so many cases of short circuits and fires in the past that were caused primarily because of carelessness about loose wires.

Sometimes, if you are unlucky, not even rain but moisture in the air can even cause unattended or faulty wires to short circuits. Ensure there are no loose wires around, and if there are, either fix them or get rid of them.

3. Maintenance of the drain

It is during the monsoons that the drains are always full. As it is getting used up a lot, there are multiplied chances of it being clogged up, so whenever it does, make sure to unclog it.

If not, your house’s cleanliness is at stake with an unpleasant smell and risk of diseases around. Further, when the monsoon is near and about to knock on your doors, it is always nice to get your drain checked for any maintenance required. 

4. Having Waterproofing Membranes and systems

The above points were quite intensive in their approach. But if you want complete waterproof places, then you need to take an extensive approach, by employing waterproofing membranes.

This waterproofing system will cover the entire building envelope which will also include the basement if you have one. It protects you from liquid damage of any sort and this helps you solve a variety of problems. If you are based in Australia, you must check out Bayset – they are the best in the business with considerable experience and expertise.  

5. Changing the linens more frequently and using a high-quality cleansing agent

During monsoons, you must change the linens of your house every alternate week, because monsoons can make it damp with moisture finally spoiling it. Changing them at frequent intervals will prevent the same.

Further, for cleanliness and hygiene, you must use a high-quality cleansing agent on the floor. The rainy season sees a lot of rain and water inside which brings with it additional germs, bacteria, and dirt. Your regular cleaning agent might not be capable of getting rid of it.

Over to you…

In the United States, $13 billion is the annual cost of water damage with 14,000 daily Americans who face adversity due to the damage. Further, $10,234 is the average home insurance claim during this season, and plus, 98% ratio of basements is the number that will experience water damage in their lifetime.

So, if you don’t want to be a part of this clan as stated, take serious measures to make your home waterproof.

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