Important Home Safety Investments to Make in 2021

When you received your latest stimulus payment not too long ago, you decided to spend it on some home improvements.

Rather than the usual new furniture/new paint/new TV route, you settled on home security as the focus for your purchases. You and your family are spending more time than ever at home, and you want to be sure that everyone and everything is as safe and secure as possible.

To help inspire your purchases for this important goal, please consider the following suggestions:

Upgrade All of the Detectors

You probably have at least a couple old school smoke detectors in your home, and maybe a carbon monoxide detector. While these devices are crucial for your safety, they typically work by emitting an ear-shattering alarm that is great when you are home to hear it, but not so useful when you are at the grocery store. To make these detectors as user-friendly as possible, you might consider investing in a smart smoke detection system as well as smart carbon monoxide detectors, smart fire alarms and even water leak detectors. What makes these innovative devices live up to their “smart” name is their ability to send an alert to your mobile device if an alarm is triggered. This way, you can call 911 or a trusted neighbor to check on your home—and you won’t come back to find a fire, flood or toxic fumes.

An Insulated Garage Door

With the temperatures on the rise, it can be tempting to leave your garage door open several inches to air it out—especially if you use the space for hobbies or you want to keep the air flow going so your stored belongings do not overheat. The problem with this approach is that an open garage door—even one that is only partially ajar—is an invitation for crooks to access your garage and then possibly your whole home, not to mention unwelcome critters who may walk or slither inside. Investing in an insulated garage door is a great option, especially if you have an attached garage that shares at least one wall with the rest of the home. Traditional garage doors have virtually no insulation which is why they get so hot in the summer, but an insulated one can not only cause your cooling costs to drop, it will mean you can keep the door closed 24/7/365 and not jeopardize the safety of your home.

A Safe

Chances are good you have all sorts of valuable documents and other small items in your home that you would not want to fall into the wrong hands. To ensure that your valuables are well-protected, a safe is a great purchase. You can either buy a small safe or two that look like a dictionary or the Bible and keep them on your bookcase, or you can invest in a larger safe. For instance, the SentrySafe Depository model features an anti-pry door, programmable electronic lock and a heavy duty hinge. You can store everything from jewelry and cash to passports and Social Security cards in the safe.

A Secure Home Equals Invaluable Peace of Mind

Now that you have an idea of the various ways in which to improve the safety of your home, it should be easy and even fun to spend that stimulus money on some new devices that will help you achieve this goal. From smart detectors of all types and an insulated garage door to a safe or two for small valuables and important documents, you will definitely be using that stimulus money in a responsible way.

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