Increase Sales With Online Shoppers With the Use of Ochatbot

One of the biggest struggles that e-commerce business owners face is keeping would-be customers engaged and actively shopping on their websites. Unlike a brick and mortar store experience, which allows store employees to interact with shoppers in real-time to offer suggestions, answer any questions they may have about the product, and recommend complementary products to further suit their needs, online shopping on an e-commerce website has largely been an anonymous, solitary activity… until now!

The use of chatbot assistants to offer real-time assistance to website visitors has been in use for some time with service providers, such as cable companies and ISPs. These bots can help customers with everything from troubleshooting to bill payment and are available 24/7 to answer questions, offer guidance, and assist with basic customer service queries. According to, approximately 67% of online customers used chatbots in 2018, and by the end of 2019 more than a quarter of the population was using some form of chatbot support when shopping or conducting business online.

However, statistics have also shown that 46% of customers would prefer to communicate with a live person, or at least a chatbot that doesn’t sound like a robot. In response to this, AI chatbot services like Ochatbot have gone to great measures to ensure that each interaction is as fun, natural, and lifelike as possible.

Using textual conversation technology, Ochatbot is able to respond accurately and promptly to virtually any question a shopper may ask in a way that mimics human conversation. Shoppers can expect a fun, efficient shopping experience with Ochatbot, and get all of their needs met in a way that feels almost exactly like an in-store interaction with a human sales associate.

Best of all, if the AI assistant runs into a highly-specific question, Ochatbot can activate a built-in or third-party live chat with a human representative. By monitoring the site and inviting online customers to live chats, you can be sure that Ochatbot will help keep your shoppers engaged in their easy, fun interactive experience.

Services like Ochatbot have been proven to reduce the bounce rate and drive conversions at a micro and macro level, and e-commerce store owners around the globe have embraced the use of chatbots to enhance customer experience. By utilizing an AI chatbot like Ochatbot that picks up on human language nuances like sentiment, topic-to-topic conversation patterns, and real-time responses to questions, you can drive sales and keep customers on your site, enjoying their online shopping experience.

If the robotic tones and stiff, unhelpful programmed answers of other chatbot platforms have left you cold, it’s time to try Ochatbot. Its life-like interactions drive business, increase sales, and boost overall customer experience…and it’s FREE! Try Ochatbot today and see where it can take your business.

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