Significant events in the history of Bitcoins!

Bitcoin has been in this world for a decade now. People adopt bitcoin and leave them after a shortage of time after trading. It is the life cycle of every person’s bitcoin trading career. However, some traders who have been strong contenders of bitcoins are holding large amounts of these rare coins and making large amounts of money out of them. However, have you ever wondered about thinking of the history of bitcoin? The answer to this question will be a no because nobody cares about what happened in the past. Sometimes, if you ask cryptocurrency enthusiasts about bitcoin, they do not even know where it originated. You need to be well aware of if you want to become a strong cryptocurrency trader in the future.

The roles of different cryptocurrencies have been interchangeable over time. The popularity of one cryptocurrency may change in one month, while others may get popular in the other month. The same cycle continues for the whole year. Sometimes, even cryptocurrency become very popular while others become very not so popular. Just keep on happening all the year, and to understand the cycle, you should understand the variants which affect the prices of bitcoins and other digital coins. The internet is full of digital coins, and you can use whichever you find the most interesting and favorable. However, the history of bitcoin is fascinating and therefore, you should know facts about bitcoin in detail

BTC genesis Block

On October 31, 2008, it happened when bitcoin came into this world. It was the first cryptocurrency to exist globally, and therefore, it enjoys a good reputation compared to the other digital coins in the world. Satoshi Nakamoto is officially seen as the father of bitcoin, and still, his face is not revealed to anyone in the world. His identity is still secret, and it is not sure if he is a person or a group of people. The official white paper was released into the world on October 31, 2008. Still, the first bitcoin network came into existence on January 3, 2009, creating Block zero in the blockchain system. It was the first time a digital cryptocurrency came into existence, and therefore, it is marked as the birthday of a bitcoin.

Legend of Hal Finney

Hal Finney’s legend dates back to January 11, 2009, and it was the day when Satoshi Nakamoto made the first transaction using the digital token he created. The first transaction was made for ten bitcoins, and Hal Finney received these bitcoins through a peer to peer transaction. Hal Finney Is a viral computer scientist and a well on cryptography. On this day, he made a tweet that he is now running bitcoins actively, and he has made and immortalised his Twitter feed. He was one of the most instrumental people in the proliferation of bitcoins and was also known as the bitcoin Pioneer. Apart from Satoshi Nakamoto, he was the one behind the theory of implementing reusable proof of work for digital tokens like bitcoin to use them again and again as a medium of exchange like money.

Pizza day

The day of May 22, 2010, is marked as the bitcoin pizza day because on this date, an official transaction was made for purchasing something using bitcoins. Laszlo Hanyecz Use 10,000 bitcoins for ordering pizza from Papa John’s, which is now standing at the birth of $375 million. Laszlo Hanyecz had the audacity of spending such an amount of bitcoins for ordering just two pizzas on the occasion of his father’s birthday. He believed that it was the only method of making bitcoin famous worldwide as he saw it to be a very incredible technology. In an interview of 60 minutes, he also said that he does not regret spending his bitcoins. So now, we get to celebrate a day called bitcoin pizza day, which he had created himself.

These are some of the remarkable events in the history of bitcoins that no one can forget. If you have not yet known about these events, you must have a brief history of the above mentioned actual dates. Whenever someone asks you about what happened these days, you can easily quote these critical events.

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