Tomas Samalionis Talks About Transitioning to Self-Employment

Tomas Samalionis is a popular Instagram influencer who’s also known as ‘Samaslife’ on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. The entrepreneur produces what’s known as ‘techno house’ music and has released a debut EP in 2014 entitled ‘Magically’ under Boiler Underground Records.

Tomas speaks about how he achieved a self-employed lifestyle and doing the thing he loves.

Q: What is Your Background?

Tomas: I am a Lithuanian native who grew up in Siauliai. I graduated high school and went to Siauliai University to study art and design. I immigrated to the U.S. in 2002 and worked various positions within the steel industry while taking up leadership and management seminars. In 2015, I went off to become self-employed and started my own company.

Q: How Do You Manage Your Time?

T: It’s simple. Every day, do the most important tasks first and don’t stop until they’re done. Your day will have been considered a success then. Taking on a lot of commitments isn’t bad, as it can teach us to better manage time and various engagements.

Q: What are Your Best Assets?

T: I work hard. I’m committed, well-organized and a team player. I’m always calm and love to learn. I adapt quite well to failures and disappointment as I’m always looking for new projects and ideas.

Q: Any Past Regrets?

T: I always thought that I should have left the steel industry much sooner and started my self-employment at an earlier time. It was the over-calculating and fear that prevented me from taking action. But mistakes are good for you because you learn from them and know what to do next. We become smarter and learn faster this way.

Q: Any Advice for the Readers?

T: You can’t succeed unless you try. Fully commit to something so you can start seeing the results you want so you won’t regret not giving it your 100 percent.

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