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YouTube is consolidated as the online platform that most attracts. Millennials and teenagers. The latest data indicates that these users spend more time on this video portal than on any other social network. 68% of young people between the ages of 14 and 34 say that they make regular use of YouTube, while only 66% of them reflected this habit on Facebook. This is an indication that in the near future, it seems that Facebook’s position as social media will soon be completely replaced by YouTube.

A trend that is accentuated among the younger groups. About 74% of adolescents between 14 and 18 years old admit that they use YouTube frequently, while only 60% of them admitted doing the same with Facebook. In the case of users between 19 and 24 years old, the audiovisual portal also exceeds the network of networks up to now (68% vs 67%).

Definitely, the new generations are betting on social media to consume content and maintain contact with their environment. An activity in which Facebook continues to maintain an important presence, although its progressive decline is evident. But YouTube, it continues to grow day by day, replacing Facebook as the most accessed social media.

YouTube is an online platform that was created to enable internet users to spread news and entertainment through videos. A lot of people began to fell in love with the website because of its contents. Internet users wanted to take an interesting experience further by downloading the videos they watch to their devices. But this was meant with stiff resistance by YouTube developers because of the business angle.

But the emergence of some websites has made it possible to download these YouTube videos easily. These are some YouTube downloaders you can use to download YouTube videos.

  • Yoo MP3 Downloader
  • MyVid MP3 Downloader
  • MP3 Downloader
  • MP3 Studio MP3 Downloader

1. Yoo MP3 Downloader

YOO MP3 Downloader is one downloader that is designed to help internet users download YouTube videos to mp3 format. The reason is that it is devoid of any advertisement and unnecessary pop-ups. You can only understand this better when you visit the website yourself. Yoo Downloader supports videos from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo,, Vine, Soundcloud, and a whole lot of other websites. Yoo Downloader is a fast downloader without java or any third-party plugins or extensions. One good feature about Yoo MP3 Downloader is that the site is always updated about the transition process the website is going through. Everything that is done to improve the website is communicated to internet users.

You can download YouTube videos to mp3 with Yoo MP3 Downloader by copying the URL link of the video you want to download and paste it in the text box of the website. After that, you can select the MP3 format and click on download. Only a few seconds are required for your video to be downloaded and saved to your device.

2. MyVid MP3 Downloader

With MyVid MP3 Downloader, you are getting a highly compatible downloader that can function on all operating systems. Also, it can download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and can serve as an online converter. Myvid MP3 Downloader is free to use for internet users. It is a good website that is free from advertisements and pop-ups. It also allows users to register their complaints on what they do not find interesting and needs to be improved upon.

If you want to download a video with MyVid MP3 Downloader, you can search for the video by typing the name or title of the video directly on the website using the white search box.

Once you type the title of the video, you can click ‘Go.’ You have to scroll down a little bit to see the results of your search. For example, if you type the name of a musician, the search result will display music videos of the musician. Look through the search result and click on the exact video you want to download. As soon as you click on the video, the Download button will be activated, and you will be able to click on it. After clicking on the Download button, there is a small note that will be displayed at the top of the page.

You have to click on ‘Allow’ when it is displayed, and your video will be downloaded to your device.

3. MP3 Downloader

This is a very good YouTube Downloader. It allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files with high quality. The audio files produced are also good. It has an auto-complete feature that can be used to download videos from video-sharing websites like YouTube and others. There is also a search engine that helps find and select the video you want.

It has a good graphical user interface that makes the website easy to use. You do not need special computer skills TO navigate your way through the website. MP3 Downloader offers free services to internet users. The user stays anonymous because no registration is required.

It is a YouTube downloader that is free from advertisements and has the ability to protect your device from viruses and malware attacks.

You can download a YouTube video with MP3 Downloader by following the instructions on how to download YouTube videos with Yoo MP3 Downloader. The information can be found in the last paragraph of our review on Yoo MP3 Downloader.

4. MP3 Studio MP3 Downloader

MP3 Studio Downloader is a highly recognized downloader. It is used globally by millions of internet users. It does not require registration before it can be used. It is free and can be used to download multiple videos.

Our last piece will be how to download YouTube videos to mp3 to MP3 Studio Downloader.

But we would not bore our readers with that. What we will end this article with is to tell our readers to refer to how to download YouTube videos with Yoo MP3 Downloader, MyVid MP3 Downloader, and

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