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Why All Treatment For Substance Abuse Problems Cannot Be The Same

Substance abuse problems can occur to just about anyone. However, when it comes to treatment, they are not all created equal. This guide will explain some of the reasons why that is.

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Treatment needs to be done right. If it were the same, everyone would undergo it when needed. Let’s take a look at the reasons why no treatment plan for substance abuse are all the same.

They can have co-occurring disorders

There may be cases where a person can be diagnosed with substance abuse problems along with mental disorders. For that reason, they will have a treatment plan put together in order to tackle both issues.

You shouldn’t neglect one disorder in favor of the other. The treatment plan can be extensive and it will require therapy sessions from a substance abuse counselor and a mental health counselor. You will meet with separate counselors that will help make the process more easier.

Not only that, you’ll have a more customizable treatment plan for your mental disorder. You may be diagnosed with something like depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder among others. You may be meeting with a specialist that is familiar with the disorder you’re diagnosed with.

It can depend on how serious the problem is

There is no one size fits all solution for substance abuse problems. Some are more serious than others. A treatment plan for the most serious substance abuse issue can require inpatient treatment since there is a greater need for medical care.

If the addiction is less serious, outpatient programs will be useful. This will also allow a person to live their life as normal while receiving treatment. It will be more suitable for those with stable home environments.

Not everyone recovering from substance abuse will have a stable home environment that is suitable. For this reason, they may be presented with options like sober housing. Your personalized treatment plan will be decided on an accurate assessment that will determine your addiction issue.

Every treatment is different and is specifically designed to help you tackle the substance problem. It would be pointless to provide a one size fit all solution as it would be ineffective and it may also do more harm to someone than good.

Some may be allowed to detox from home if the withdrawal symptoms are not serious. However, those who may have a history of abusing stronger drugs like opioids will need medically supervised detox due to the severity of the symptoms that can occur.

Some treatments may take longer than others

The timing of substance abuse treatment can vary from person to person. For some, it can take weeks. It can also take months for others.

It may not be out of the realm of possibility if a treatment lasts about a year. Again, this will depend on the severity of the addiction. There really is no guarantee as to how long the treatment process can take.

However, it is important for recovering addicts to trust the process and focus on the treatment itself. They should focus on continuing their therapy sessions and attend support group meetings. They should also focus on keeping their mind on other things such as planning for the future after treatment.

They can take on other activities that will help benefit them mentally and physically. They can take on a new exercise plan while changing up their diet. They may also consider taking part in art therapy classes among other activities.

Financial implications will differ from one person to another

Treatments don’t come cheap. For this reason, the financial implications can differ from one person to the next. One person will easily afford it while another may be able to make payment plans.

It may also depend on the type of insurance plan a person may have. They might have excellent coverage on their policy. Another may have a plan that won’t cover a lot, resulting in paying more out of pocket.

The type of treatment may also differ, thus the costs will vary. For example, one person would pay more if they undergo inpatient treatment compared to someone that will pay less for outpatient treatments. If you are planning to receive treatment, it’s important to make preparations for handling the financial end of things beforehand.

Some may opt for holistic treatment over conventional means

In terms of treatment plans, there are those that may opt for holistic treatments for substance abuse. This means they may forego the use of medications. Holistic treatment focuses on mind, body and spirit.

Specifically, they may focus on the importance of mindfulness. This can help them reduce the risk of relapsing. However, this may depend on the type of addiction they are facing.

Holistic treatment may be delayed if a medical detox is needed. That’s because the severity of the withdrawals may be present. So medical care could be possible on a regular basis since some of the symptoms can last days or even weeks.

Once the withdrawal symptoms have been reduced, a recovering addict can consider holistic treatment as opposed to the usual conventional methods performed by mainstream rehab centers. You may find holistic treatment to be a more cost-effective option. 

Final Thoughts

Not every substance abuse treatment plan is created equal. Each one will differ from one person to the next. If you need help for your substance abuse problems, you will need to get an assessment done.

Once complete, your own treatment plan will be put together accordingly. It will be personalized and addressed to care for your personal needs. No matter what, stick to it and you will be sure to beat your addiction.

You can also prevent relapses and even the fatal consequences connected to withdrawal symptoms. Follow the plan, trust the process, and your recovery will be assured.

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