3 Tips to Play Games in Moderation

Balancing work and life can become more complicated when other things take up a huge chunk of your waking moments.

It’s easy to get addicted to games, especially when they’re sitting in your pocket or nearby but here are some tips you can follow to moderate it.

Set a Timer

An hour or two per day should be enough for leisure time. Regardless of what kind of game you’re playing, you must have the discipline to know when to step back and sleep or spend time with your family.

Set a timer on your computer or smartphone, then close out your game when it rings. You can set a rule to reinforce this by not being able to play the next day when you break it.

Divide Your Free Time on Other Hobbies

Gaming shouldn’t be your sole hobby. You can take up other interests, such as reading, socializing with friends or taking up cycling, woodworking or gardening for a well-rounded life.

You can compute for the free time you get for the week (including weekends), then plan ahead and schedule a fishing trip, for instance or learn a new thing every now and then. Broaden your horizons and explore new opportunities.

Choose Your Games

What game or genre best interests you? It can be a hack-and-slash RPG, sports games or online casino games. The truth is, there’s never enough time to play all the games you think you need, so one way to go about it is to only play the ones that matter.

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