4 Advantages of Online PR

PR, or public relations has extended from traditional means to the digital world. It’s become a part of a business’ marketing strategy and as a way to engage with audiences and encourage positive reviews.

Online PR can apply to virtually any industry, from electronics to beauty products and even cannabis. You get the following benefits when you invest in a public relations campaign.

Enhanced Credibility

A PR person can enhance your brand’s credibility in many ways. They can work in several fronts, including social media platforms, chat and email with customers or on your website. A stronger, more responsive presence improves quality and quantity of leads for your business.

Alan Aldous Cannabis PR has worked with several cannabis companies to great success. Some of his services include distribution, promotion and writing your press release, among others.

Targeted Exposure

A PR campaign can do wonders in terms of reaching your preferred audience. Using tried and tested methods and known channels, e.g., social media, YouTube and ads, you can gain higher-quality customers who can be lifelong clients.

Targeted exposure can be more effective than other forms of marketing as it speaks directly to those who may be looking for your product or service. Coupled with professional and attractive content, your brand will be pulling in leads with a high conversion rate.

Damage Control

Your public relations expert can help deal with negative reviews, product dissatisfaction and concerns your customers may have. You can have them respond in a timely manner that can change your customer’s brand perception from bad to good.

Increased Traffic

Last but not the least, professional PRs can give you more traffic for your website via external links and social media posts. Once they arrive, you can track using web dashboards and bring them in with re-targeting campaigns for a chance to turn them into buying customers.​​​​​​

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