How the Gaming Industry is Using Technology to Enhance Their Service

Many people around the world enjoy placing a bet, playing casino games or taking part in hands of poker. Gambling is popular and each different section of the industry has one thing in common. This is that they all use the latest technology to enhance their service.

From sports betting live in play markets to mobile devices for poker rooms and live streams for live casino games, there is technology behind the biggest and best things across the industry.

Mobile Gaming Technology

There are two key aspects of technology that have allowed bookmakers, casinos and poker sites to offer a mobile service.

The first is the technology behind mobile phones, improving them to a level where they can handle complicated apps such as betting apps with ease. It is important that these apps not only work but they work well and can be operated quickly, which is what technology allows them to do.

The second is the speed of mobile internet services. If you are away from home and want to place a bet or play for real money on a range of casino sites in India then you will have to rely on your mobile internet.

This is something that technology has improved, giving us the speeds and perhaps more importantly the stability that is needed to trust your device and use it to place bets, play casino games or try your luck with poker.

Live Streaming

You may associate live streaming with sport, but every aspect of gambling uses live streaming to enhance their service. Whether its watching a sporting event with your bookmaker, playing live casino games inside your casino site or using live streams to enhance your poker game, live streams are vital.

The technology behind these is partly down to internet speeds and stability that we have spoken about already but rather than it being focused on your mobile it is your home internet, and the connection that the provider has themselves.

Whatever the type of stream, this needs to be done correctly by the provider. A HD camera is a must, to give you the best possible view at home, something else that technology has played a part in. Their internet connection needs to be secure, fast and stable so that the many players at home can all log on and see what is happening clearly.

Live streaming is more than just sport, and advancements in technology have allowed bookmakers and casino sites to offer their fans something to watch which really enhances their service.

Linked Progressive Jackpots

This one is for casino gaming only but affects something that many people love. Progressive jackpots offer players the chance to win a life changing sum of money from their casino.

These jackpots build up when people play them and they are connected so that it doesn’t matter what country you are in or who you are playing with, you will be adding to the pot. The only reason this can happen is thanks to the technology that is behind the game you are playing, allowing each provider to link up together and put your funds towards the jackpot.

When you look on many casino sites you will find a separate section for jackpot games and progressive jackpots make up some of these. The big wins come from this type of game, which is why so many people keep logging on and playing them, in the hope of changing their life.

You probably don’t think about it, but programming technology to link up progressive jackpots across many different providers and countries is the reason why these jackpots are so high, and the reason why so many people play them.

What Could We See in the Future?

If there is one type of technology that hasn’t yet helped the gambling industry but really could in the future, then it would have to be voice recognition software.

The Amazon Alexa device is leading the market, but the demand is there and because of that the BBC have announced they are going to make their own version of this.

The gambling industry could use this type of technology. Whether this is the voice-control system being added to an app so that you can speak your bets into your app or the ability for these devices to listen and place bets for you, something should be able to happen.

Those who have a device like this will know the benefits around the house, we may be nearing a time when your device can bet for you to save you firing up your mobile app.

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