How to Make Money with Your Laptop

Did you know that if you’ve got a laptop, you can make money with it? This is great for people who’re on the move or don’t like having a lot of overheads. Some of these ideas might not be for everyone, and you might have seen some of them before – but all you really need is one great new option and you could start making more money than you ever thought imaginable. That’s why in this article, we’re going to look at a number of different ways to make money online with your laptop.

The benefit of a laptop over a standard desktop computer? Portability. Convenience. That’s why laptops are still so popular. While smart phones have impacted on this as they’re even more portable, it isn’t always easy to do details procedures with such a small screen. A laptop is the right balance between phones and standalone computers. Some of these ideas might also work on any type of computer if you want to try them, but this article was written with laptops in mind. SO how can you make money with your laptop?

1. Ebay

Ebay has been around for decades now and you’ve probably already heard of it. If you haven’t, where have you been? With Ebay, you basically have two different options when it comes to making money with your laptop. You can either sell your laptop directly on the site if you’re really desperate for cash, or you can use it to start a buying and selling venture by selling other products (but doing the admin on your laptop).

The first option is really for only when you’re desperate. After all, you won’t be able to make any more money if you’ve sold your laptop. But the other one is much more viable in the long term. Have a look at some different products you could buy and sell with your laptop on Ebay.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing has really taken off in the last few years, and it’s another great way for you to make money on the move. Check out sites like to see how much value there is on a range of different talents you might have.

3. Software development

This could have gone under freelancing, but it’s a category so big it deserves its own mention. You can also get full-time permanent roles in software development as well.

4. Tutoring

People want to learn all sorts of things remotely these days from languages to instruments. You can make money teaching them. Either directly over video or by creating courses on sites like Udemy.

5. Online casinos

If you want to try and gamble to make some money, you should be carefully. But there are lots of different casino options if that’s what you’re into. You could combine these with some generous welcome offers as well.

6. Cashback sites

This will only really make you money back when you spend big, but it’s still worth a few percent here and there.

7. Surveys

Online surveys have been around for a while, and while they won’t make you rich – you could get a bit of money back for your opinion on stuff.

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