The Basics to Online Gaming for Newcomers

At first glance roulette may seem like a complicated game. In fact, it is much simpler than it seems, and it is due to its simplicity that it is extremely popular among both experienced players and newcomers to online casinos.

In this chapter you’ll find everything you need to know about the structure of online roulette: how the wheel and the playing field are arranged, who the croupier is and how the casino chips work—each of these points will be elaborated on in the section below.

Note that we are now considering European roulette. It differs from the American version in the number of “”zero”” sectors: the European version has one “”zero”” sector, while the American version has two. Wild Tornado free online casino Gamblingfellas you can find all kinds of roulette online. Without leaving your home. Go to the website and start playing right now.

Roulette wheel

The roulette wheel, which rotates in both directions, is an integral part of the roulette wheel. Let’s take a closer look at each element of the wheel, starting in the middle and moving towards the edge. This is what the wheel looks like from above.

Closer to the center of the wheel, we see multicolored sectors separated by small grooves – red, black, and one green. The sectors form a closed circle, and each has its own unique number. These numbers correspond to the numbers on the roulette table (more about this below).

We move our eyes to the edge of the wheel and see a small groove that runs along its entire outer edge. It is on it moves a small ball, which the dealer launches in the opposite direction from the rotation of the wheel.

When the ball slows down, it moves closer to the center of the wheel and then drops out in one of the colored numbered sectors. If the ball stops in the sector under the number the player has chosen, the bet wins.

Roulette table

The roulette table is the area where players place their bets before the croupier launches the ball. Typically, roulette tables are green and divided into several sections.

The table is divided into three sections both vertically and horizontally. Each sector has its own set of numbers highlighted in red or black. These numbers correspond to the cell numbers of the roulette wheel. The idea is simple: if you bet on a certain number, say red 18, and the ball falls in that cell, you win. The example above is a straight bet.

We didn’t consider just the large sector on the left side of the table, marked with the number 0. A winning bet on the zero pays out at 35:1 odds and cancels all other bets for the round.

So that’s it! We told you it was easy.

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