BTS and Blackpink – The Faces of a New Generation Music Wave

Korean artists have been making breakthroughs for several years now. Most people around the world are getting to love and listen to more and more K-pop songs. But it is not only K-Pop, which is becoming even more trendy in the past few years, but also casino games like Poker Texas Holdem online. Away from this, the hardest part to crack for most musicians is the Billboard Hot 100, which so far, only 16 songs from the K-pop artists have made through. A great example of a song that made it to the charts way before was “Gangnam Style” by PSY. However, some of the K-pop artists come and go, some to be forgotten while others keep pushing forward.

There might be lots of K-Pop artists and bands, but only two groups have managed to change how we view K-pop. Bangtan Boys, which are officially known as BTS, and Blackpink are the two bands that have risen to prominence immensely in just a few years.

In 2019, there were over 16 tracks from five different K-Pop artists in the Billboard chart including BTS, Blackpink, WonderGirls, PSY, and CL. Five of the tracks were from BTS, which proves that they are not only on the way to get world glory, but they are already greatly famous. BTS debuted in 2013 under the Big Hit Entertainment label, however they formed the group back in 2010. Ever since, they have been releasing major hits, which some rose on the Billboard, while others were busy scoring views and likes on Youtube.

Some of the greatest hits from BTS include “Boy in Luv”, “Dynamite”, “DNA”, “Savage Love”, and “Idol”. “Dynamite” was released earlier in 2020, and it still is the talk of the town. Various platforms are intrigued by the track’s originality. Others are shocked to hear the lyrics in English since BTS mostly use Korean or Japanese in their songs. However, BTS is not only loved in the Asian community but internationally as well. So, its English fans deserve to experience BTS in their language too.

Blackpink debuted in 2016 and is the highest female band on the Billboard Hot 100. This girls’ group has made great progress in their music career and released several albums. Like BTS, Blackpink also uses Korean for their songs. Such great tracks from Blackpink include “How You Like That”, “Kill this love”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, “Ice Cream”, and “Lovesick Girls”. Some of these tracks have millions of likes and billions of views on YouTube.

Just a few minutes after the release of “Kill this Love,” there were enough hints that this Korean girl group was going places. This song reached more than a million likes in just 30 minutes, which was faster than any other video on YouTube. Then it went from 1 million to 5 million and made it to 10 million views in four hours and 13 minutes. This was much faster than any other K-pop video ever.

In Summary

BTS and Blackpink are more than just their fancy clothing styles and lovely physical appearance. These two bands have brought K-pop to a new whole level as they strive to release more tracks to fit and impress their local and international supporters. However, being in the front seat comes with great responsibilities, and we are hoping to see both groups emerge successful without hating each other or breaking apart.

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